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    OnlyWire for WordPress [OFFICIAL]

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    Social Media Professionals use OnlyWire to launch social media campaigns, grow their followers and post content to the top Social Media Networks.

    Once you download and activate the OnlyWire WordPress Plugin, every time you update your blog site on your WordPress page, OnlyWire will pick up your post and automatically submit it to all the Social Media Networks you have set up with OnlyWire.

    Our Bookmark & Share Tool is a great way to add a Share Button to your website or blog. Choose which Social Media Networks to include, select the size of icons, background color, font, and mouse-over feature. Once you’ve saved your button, a Bookmark & Share signature will appear under each of your blog posts. When a visitor to your website or blog mouses over the button, it expands and they can select a method to share your post with others.

    For more information, visit

    Your privacy and security are guarded seriously at OnlyWire. All passwords are saved via SSL encryption and your information is not shared with any Third Parties.

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