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    Social Share bar (Digg Digg Alternative)

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    Get super optimized sharing tools with the Share plugin

    The AA Digg Digg Alternative is a floating toolbar for your WordPress website that is lightweight and clean. The reason for this plugin is Digg Digg was causing many speed issues with our website “Android Advice & Tutorials” so we decided to create our own. After doing so we received requests by others for our toolbar. The result is a plugin available to all.

    We ran speed tests using the Digg Digg social plugin and our own and every website it was tested on came up with better results using our Digg Digg alternative than the Digg Digg bar itself.

    Benefits of Our Toolbar over Digg Digg:

    * Faster load time
    * Cleaner code
    * Substantially less code
    * Easy to customize
    * Less settings to run through to get it working

    You can now social share with:

    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. Pinterest
    4. G+
    5. LinkedIn
    6. Reddit

    If you have questions about the toolbar, bug reports, or feature requests (like other sharing services) we will hear you out and make changes hopefully quickly. We will be adding other networks although wanted to release this for testing first.

    Get super optimized sharing tools with the Share plugin


    Visit Android Advice and view a post to see the Toolbar in action – Android Advice Plugin Homepage

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