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    One-Click Child Theme

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    Please visit the plugin homepage.

    Useful for shared hosts, this allows you to easily create child themes from any
    theme just by clicking.

    Ever since WordPress 3.0, you shouldn’t directly modify CSS of any downloaded
    themes because if you update the theme, your changes will be destroyed. Instead, it is recommended that you create a child theme and edit the CSS
    there so that updates to the parent theme will be inherited instead of destroy
    your changes.

    The problem many run into is currently the only way to child theme something
    is edit files on the filesystem. This is non-intuitive for shared-hosting
    sites with one-click WordPress installs (it usually involves a “shell account”
    or learning how to use FTP).

    This attempts to get around that issue, by adding a button to the themes page
    to allow you to child theme the page. (It’s not really one-click, though.)

    Inspired by @janeforshort’s and @designsimply’s WordCamp SF 2011 talk on CSS
    theming as requested by @sfgirl for her blog.

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