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    Multisite Cloner

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    In WordPress Multisite, new sites get a boring default template, without any custom settings or starter content.

    This plugin allows you to select a specific blog on your network, a “master” one, that will be cloned every time a new blog is created.

    In this way, new blogs will contain all posts, uploads, theme settings and plugin options from the master blog.

    How does it work?

    1. It uses MySQL INSERT INTO ... SELECT to copy every table from the “master” blog into the new one. This is fast!
    2. Then it does a search and replace on the new blog’s tables, to replace the old URL with the new one.
      This is done in a way that respects serialized arrays, so your plugin’s settings will be preserved.
      (We used a heavily trimmed down version of Interconnect/IT’s Search and Replace tool for that, so go thank them for this!)
    3. It proceeds to copy all files from the wp-content/uploads dir of your master blog into the new one’s, so that all assets will work as expected.
    4. Finally it does some house clean-up, updating the new blog’s title, admin email, and user roles as needed.

    Go check the screenshots, it’s really simple and does what it says.
    Give it a try!

    This plugin was handcrafted with love and ‘yerba mate’ by the team at

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