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    This is a WordPress plugin that allows direct excel-like editing of
    tables in your WordPress database. It’s goals are to provide useful,
    simple, flexible database table admin screens.

    It supports:

    • one table per admin screen, as many admin screens as desired
      • These are organized under a new “DB Table Editor” menu item
    • excel spreadsheet like interface using SlickGrid
    • Filter and Sort results
    • Add, Edit & Delete records
    • Custom buttons extensibility
    • Custom permissions per interface for viewing and editing
      (defaults to: edit_others_posts)

      • editing defaults to the same permission as viewing if not specified
    • CSV exports of filtered grid
    • Custom primary key names (but must be a single value / column)

    Adding an Interface on the fly

    If we go to look up a database table editor and we dont find it, but
    there is a function named dbte_create_$tbl that matches, we will call
    that function expecting it to return a dbte instance. This is useful
    in situations where we may not have the data for a table editor in all
    circumstances (EG: not every page has a member id, so only do it on
    that particular page).

    Adding an Interface from a plugin

    If you need to add an interface from a plugin, you should use the
    admin_menu action with a lower than default priority.

    eg: add_action( 'admin_menu', 'my_load_tables', -10 );

    Inside of the my_load_tables function you would include all the
    calls to add_db_table_editor

    Custom Buttons

    Buttons can be created by pushing functions into
    DBTableEditor.extraButtons. Each of these is a slick grid
    rowButtonFormatter and should return a string of html.

    out += fn(row, cell, value, columnDef, dataContext);

    The button column width can be set by setting:
    DBTableEditor.buttonColumnWidth before the ready function is called

    Hooks / Actions

    • db-table-editor_enqueue_scripts is an action that will be called
      after enqueueing all plugin scripts and before enqueueing jsFile
      (if it exists)

      function dbTableEditorScripts(){
      add_action('db-table-editor_enqueue_scripts', 'dbTableEditorScripts');

    dbte_row_deleted, dbte_row_updated, dbte_row_inserted

    Called after a row is deleted, updated, or inserted passes


    add_action(‘dbte_row_deleted’, ‘my_dbte_row_deleted’, 10, 2);

    function my_dbte_row_deleted($currentTable, $idRemoved){
    // do things

    add_action(‘dbte_row_updated’, ‘my_dbte_row_upserted’, 10, 4);
    add_action(‘dbte_row_inserted’, ‘my_dbte_row_upserted’, 10, 4);

    function my_dbte_row_upserted($currentTable, $values, $columns, $indexedModified){
    // do things



    You can use a shortcode to include a dbte interface on a wordpress
    page. Please use with care.

    [dbte id=table-editor-id] – (id defaults to table)


    • Dont put an editable table editor on your public facing screens using the shortcode!


    Feel free to ask support questions / open trouble tickets


    Advanced Examples

    Custom Javascript and Buttons on the table editor

    See: examples/custom-buttons-and-js.php

    Shows how to add custom javascript to a report page and adds a custom
    load button on the grid

    CF7 DB Submit Plugin integration

    See: examples/cf7dbsubmit_integration.php

    This is not a fully runnable example, but should give good examples of

    • working cf7dbsubmit plugin
    • Custom save delete hooks
    • custom complex sql building with this plugin
    • sending notifications on edit of specific fields

    cf7dbsubmit stores its data in a “hashtable” format of:

    form, submit_time, field_name, field_value

    but we want to present this in a more excel fasion of each field being
    a column of our spreadsheet and each row being a different submission

    Contributers and Thanks

    • bobbysmith007 / – Primary developer of plugin
    • nikomuse – i18n support
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