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    Microblog Poster

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    Auto publish to your social media accounts your new blog posts/pages/custom post types.
    You only have to configure your social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr..

    Auto re-publish old blog posts to all your configured social accounts.
    By auto sharing your old blog posts, you keep them alive and increase traffic to your blog!

    Additionally Filter posts to be published/cross posted to social networks based on categories.
    (General section settings)

    Multiple Accounts per social site supported.
    Possibility to nicely format the posted message per account, shortcodes supported.

    Logs are generated each time there is an auto posting activity for each configured social network account.
    Easily follow the automated sharing process from MicroblogPoster‘s logs section and debug your configuration if needed.

    WordPress Multisite fully compatible. Rather than doing the ‘Network activation’,
    activate MicroblogPoster for each sub blog.

    Please visit MicroblogPoster‘s website , or

    Contact us , we’re providing support in the following languages:

    • We speak english ;
    • Причамо српски ;
    • Nous parlons français ;

    MicroblogPoster‘s Add-ons bring Additional Features:
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    Currently supported social media sites

    • – Auto post to your account.
    • – Auto publish to profile / page wall.
    • – Auto publish to Google+ via Buffer.
    • – Auto post to your account.
    • – Auto submit bookmark of your blogpost to your account.
    • – Auto submit bookmark of your blogpost.
    • – Auto publish to profile wall
    • – Auto publish to your blog.
    • ( – Auto publish to your blog.
    • – Auto submit bookmark of your blogpost.
    • ( – Auto publish to profile wall.
    • – Auto publish to profile wall.
    • – Auto publish to pinterest board.
    • – Auto publish to flickr.
    • wordpress blog – Auto publish to another blog.

    The idea behind MicroblogPoster is to promote your wordpress blog and reach more people through social networks.
    There’s a general agreement in the SEO community that social signals strengthen your blog’s page rank and authority.
    MicroblogPoster is simply an intermediary between your blog and your own social network accounts. You’ll never
    see “posted by MicroblogPoster” in your updates, you’ll see “posted by your own App name” or simply “by API”.

    MicroblogPoster in few words:

    • Auto publish to social media networks your new blog content
    • Auto publish old posts, tweet old posts
    • Sends out social signals and auto share to social media networks
    • Social signals and backlinks auto generator
    • Cross post to facebook , cross post to twitter
    • Facebook auto publish, Twitter auto publish, Pinterest auto publish
    • Auto publish to facebook , tumblr
    • Auto share to twitter , facebook , linkedin
    • Auto post to social media networks, Auto tweet
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