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    Tweet Wheel Lite

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    Tweet Wheel plugin helps you to share your WordPress posts, pages, products and any post type on Twitter automatically without your supervision. Promote your WordPress website on Twitter by tweeting regularly to earn more followers and drive more traffic.

    Live Demo*

    *demo shows the pro version of the plugin, some features aren’t available in the free one, so please read the list below

    Current features

    • Automated queueing system, which is the core of the plugin. It handles all the automation.
    • Multi-templating for posts helps you to specify limitless amount of tweet variations for each post.
    • Advanced scheduling gives you more control over time of tweetings. Specify days and times at which you want your post published.
    • Handling of custom post types – fully compatible with woocommerceshop products!
    • Customising the queue let’s you to supervise the order in which posts are tweeted.
    • Looping is optional, but very useful. If on, it will automatially append just tweeted post at the end of queue. Keeps going infinitely this way.
    • Pausing and resuming queue comes useful when you need a bit more control. No need to deactivate the plugin to put it on hold.
    • Convenient bulk actions – queue, dequeue and exclude multiple posts at once.
    • Simple view which minifies the queue look so you can fit more items on your screen – helpful for shuffling!
    • Health check tab that let’s you know if your website is ready for Tweet Wheel and what to fix.
    • And much more…

    Online Documentation

    Upgrade to PRO

    • Unlimited queues
    • New type of scheduling by specific date
    • Attach featured images to your tweets
    • Use your favorite domain for shortening URLs (by
    • Tweet on post publish or update
    • E-mail notifications about occurred events
    • History log telling you what was happening within a queue
    • User role management – restrict access to the plugin by a role
    • Enjoy the mobile-friendly interface
    • Fill up the queue using filtering by date range, amount and post type
    • Plenty improvements which overally boost user experience and easy of use
    • Premium support



    If you have a suggestion for improvement or a new feature, feel free to use the Support forum.

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