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    Memphis Documents Library

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    Memphis Documents Library (mDocs) is a documents library for WordPress with a robust feature set. It is a great tool for the organization and distribution of files.

    What’s New With Version 3.7.1

    • New – Add the ability to added WordPress categories to your mDocs posts.
    • New – Added a FTP batch upload.
    • New – Export has option to manually delete system temp directory export file.
    • Update – Minor improvements to the import feature.
    • Update – More changes to how session data is handled.
    • Update – Changes to date time functionality.
    • Update – Removed function mdocs_get_inline_admin_css.
    • Update – Removed output check.
    • Update – Security update.
    • Bug – Fixed issue with search functionality.

    Memphis Documents Library Features

    • Document preview and thumbnails available for most file types.
    • Batch Upload of files into the system
    • Upload media files that match WordPress’s white-list. This white-list is configurable from the WordPress menus.
    • Download tracking of files
    • Posts created for each new media upload, showing information of the specific file.
    • Version control, allows you to view and revise to older version of your file.
    • The ability to share you files on other websites.
    • Social media buttons for each document.
    • Referential file methodology. This allows for the updating of a file while the link remains the same.
    • Importing of document libraries into your current library, or just migrating to another website.
    • Exporting you documents libraries for safe backup and store, migration to another website or sharing with someone else.
    • The ability to create, edit and delete categories and subcategories.
    • Search for files using the WordPress search.
    • Customization of download button

    Feature Requests

    • Feature – Have the ability to define sort options per folder.
    • Feature – Add max file size configuration settings.
    • Feature – Shrink and expand folders.
    • Feature – Shortcode take parameters to be able to hide version/last mod/etc.
    • Feature – Apply a hierarchical structure to files in the folder.
    • Feature – One file added into multiple folders.
    • Feature – Have the ability to comment on documents and have the owner notified what changes need to be made to the file.
    • Feature – Change the font size of the folders or have them in a gallery like format.
    • Feature – Have a shortcode to display all files by tag.
    • Feature – Add a print button.
    • Feature – Have the ability to create a custom sort order.
    • Feature – Custom input fields.
    • Feature – Restrict file download by user or role.
    • Feature – Allow a role type to mange all files.
    • Feature – Permissions in folders instead of each document independently.
    • Feature – Add the ability to add a link back to the mDocs documents list.
    • Feature – Added more level to categories.
    • Feature – Add the ability to change the path name and breadcrumb name.
    • Feature – Add the ability to add files from the front-end.
    • Feature – Exposing filepath for indexing website via ElasticSearch.
    • Feature – Add author to the list of file information items.
    • Feature – Prettified HTML preview.
    • Feature – Add hover colour configuration to the navbar background on hover.
    • Feature – Add folder structure to the mdocs post page.
    • Feature – Password protected files.
    • Feature – have a button that will add shortcode directly in editing posts.
    • Feature – Add the file description to the file list.
    • Feature – Allow other users access to mDocs admin menus.
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