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    Mega Menu by

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    Big Announcement for Sep 2016!

    We’ve took into account your feedback and released a brand new version WR PageBuilder is compatible with latest version WordPress and latest plugins.

    Another news is finally… we’ve released Nitro – Universal WooCommerce themes with great eCommerce features and 12 specific demo niches including fashion, shoes, sports gears, kids fashion, electronics, and much more. Moreover, we’ll be releasing 3 new niche demos for every month.

    Check now at

    Published by 8 Sep.

    WR Mega Menu is a Powerful, Responsive, and User-Oriented WordPress menu plugin with a Dedicated, Intuitive menu builder. It gives you a complete control at designing and customizing your menu exactly the way you want.

    See demo:

    Main Features:

    • Dedicated & Intuitive Menu Builder: Our user-friendly menu builder will take away the hassles that come with WordPress default menu configuration panel.
    • Fully Responsive: All screen sizes and mobile devices are supported. A must-have feature for your menu in this golden age of mobile and big screens.
    • Profiles Control: Create and save your menu settings into different profiles for later configuration or to apply on other themes.
    • Live Preview: What you see is what you get. Track your changes immediately without switching back and forth.
    • Various Menu Icon Display Options: You can choose to display your menu with text, icon or both.
    • Vertical and Horizontal Orientation: the 2 most popular menu orientations are supported to fit your needs.
    • Drag & Drop Configuration: create your desired menu with just little simple drag & drop steps.
    • Rich Mega Contents: Picture, text, link and widget are all supported.
    • Custom CSS Supported: the ultimate customization that let you change your menu style to be exactly the way you want.
    • Unlimited Colors: change your menu background and hover to any colors.
    • Google Fonts Embedded: choose or change your favorite Google Font easily from our plug-in dashboard.


    Get Involved

    • Fork on Github: WR MegaMenu source code is published on Github and is always updated to latest version. Feel free to use our plugin to server any of your purposes. Your engagement is always welcome!
    • Help bring this plugin to the world: Help many WordPress users in your community by translating it into your languages. The source file is available on GitHub. Note: The project for WR Mega Menu is no longer maintained on

    If you like the plugin, please vote for it!

    More Details

    For further information, product details, help and tutorials, please visit our website:

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