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    Marketing Optimizer for WordPress

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    Now more comprehensive than ever. Test everything, quickly and efficiently.

    We listened to your feedback and improved the interface and functionality to make testing your content easier than ever. Here’s a partial list of the improvements we added with this update:

    • All New Free Call-to-Action (CTA) Templates
    • All New CTA Testing Suite
    • All New Free Pop-Up/Overlay Templates
    • All New Pop-Up/Overlay Testing Suite

    We also made improvements to all your favorite features, including:

    • Automatic Tracking of All WordPress Pages
    • Testing WordPress Pages from your Page List
    • Creating WordPress Page Variations from the Page Detail Interface
    • Testing Landing Page
    • Free Landing Page Templates

    A Must-Have Conversion Rate Optimization Plugin

    You have no doubt heard of A/B testing, the process of showing visitors one of two (or more) versions of the same web page/CTA/overlay, and then tracking which one created the most revenue, leads, signups, downloads, purchases, registrations, or comments. With the Marketing Optimizer WordPress Plugin, now you can test every web page, landing page, call-to-action, and overlay on your site. Turn your visitors into data and use that data to improve your business’s bottom line. It’s a must have for every serious digital marketer.

    Free Templates

    Don’t have the time or resources to create landing pages or CTAs? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Use our free templates for landing pages, calls-to-action and overlays to quickly add powerful conversion elements to your site and begin testing immediately.

    A/B Test Multiple Web Pages, CTAs and Overlays

    Landing pages are the obvious choice for A/B testing, but every element on your website that receives traffic contributes to conversions, and it pays to test those, too. Want to increase the number of people who complete your email sign up overlay? Now you can test that, too. And your report will include the results for each page variant and the conversion rate of visitors that saw that version.

    Create Variations Quickly

    When editing any of your WordPress pages, CTAs or overlays, just click the ‘Add a Variation’ tab and the system automatically creates a new variation of the site element you are working on. Test any content, with any template, easily and quickly. Some common changes that have been shown to increase conversion rates are:

    • Changes to headlines
    • Changes to page layout
    • Change images
    • Changes to colors
    • Changes to feedback forms
    • Adding testimonials
    • Adding trust symbols
    • Modifying button types and styles
    • Placement of the CTA
    • Length of time before showing webpage overlay/pop-up

    Track Conversions Accurately

    What conversions matter most to you? Web form fills? Email sign ups? Whatever they may be, track every conversion with a simple shortcode that lets the system know that the visitor has just completed a successful conversion, and the proper version of all the web pages that visitor saw is credited with a conversion. This allows you to have many different conversion goal pages and still track all your conversions in properly.

    Adjustable Epsilon Greed, That Multi-Armed Bandit

    The ‘Multi-Armed Bandit’, or Epsilon Greedy, method of rotating variations is the fastest way to determine variation winners. It’s also, by far, the most profitable way to display your test pages. Never heard of it? Here’s how it works: the page with the highest conversion rate gets 90% of the traffic (‘Exploitation’), and the other variations are randomly rotated through the remaining 10% (‘Exploration’). In other words, 90% of the time the system chooses the best version of your page. The rest of the time it explores new variations in the hopes that they will prove to be a better solution. Since sometimes it makes more sense to explore more than 10%, you have the ability to simply move the slider to explore between 10% and 100%.

    Gravity Forms Integration

    Use the awesome Gravity Forms form builder on your WordPress site, and easily post all your form data directly into your Marketing Optimizer web application.

    Marketing Optimizer Integration

    This plugin is a must for current subscribers to the Marketing Optimizer software. It includes automatic Marketing Optimizer javascript publishing code, phone tracking integration, and more.

    100% Cache Compatible

    Tested to be compatible with W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, Quick Cache, and probably all WordPress caching plugins. Tested to be compatible with WordPress hosting services, like WP Engine and Pagely, which cache your content on the server level. This plugin doesn’t just ‘bust’ your caching, but utilizes your caching solution to retain the performance enhancements from them.

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