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    Maintenance Mode

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    As a web developer working with WordPress almost every day, very often I came across problem that If I wanted simple maintenance plugin to do some updates on my or client’s website, I came across all these useless and overcomplicated plugins until I decided that I’ll make one myself which will be the one I’ll be confident and happy to use with ease.

    Maintenance Mode is very simple and it’s using WordPress’s wp_die() function which is core function of WordPress, which makes this plugin feel and work as a part of WordPress core. There is settings page under “Settings” in the main wp-admin menu where you can enable maintenance mode or change content using WYSIWYG editor so you can also add pictures, links etc. When activated and logged in as admin, you can see website as usual, rest of the users / visitors can see maintenance mode. You can see the maintenance mode as admin in preview mode using preview link on the settings page or simply open website in private mode or different browser to double check if it’s enabled and working. There is also indicator in admin bar that changes colour to red when maintenance mode is enabled.

    Help support and translate this plugin!


    • Simplicity – Built to be as simple as possible. Easy to use.
    • Customisable – WYSIWYG available in full glory. You can add images and other media including links and pretty much everything you can do with WYSIWYG. Text / Code tab is available too for custom markup.
    • Works on mobile – Because of it’s simplicity, maintenance mode works very well on mobile devices.
    • NO ADS – No ads. Seriously.
    • NO PAID UPGRADES – No paid upgrades. Seriously.
    • Updates – Regular updates and maintenance.
    • Support – Support button available.
    • Preview – Preview button available.
    • Compact – It’s developed to be as compact as possible.
    • Role Control – User Role control is available since 2.0

    Important! Users that are using Cache plugins, please read below:
    When enabling or disabling Maintenance Mode, don’t forget to flush your cache!

    ljmm_site_title – Filter page title while in maintenance mode

    ljmm_admin_bar_indicator_enabled - Control visibility of admin bar indicator

    ljmm_before_mm – Runs at the beginning of core maintenance method

    Having trouble? Please read FAQ first, if you need any assistance, you can use support button on the settings page of the Maintenance Mode.

    Development on GitHub
    The development of Maintenance Mode takes place on GitHub. Bugs and pull requests are welcomed there.

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