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    Magento WordPress Integration

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    Magento WordPress Integration allows you to add any Magento blocks to your WordPress theme, including ones you have created yourself, and static blocks created through the Magento admin area.

    The Magento WordPress Integration Plugin allows you to to the following:

    • Bring out any of the default Magento Blocks in your WordPress theme.
    • Bring out any Magento blocks that you have created yourself.
    • Bring out any static blocks that you have made in your Magento admin area.

    =Add Ons=

    • Category Listing Use the shortcode button to insert a paginated category listing of your Magento products in your WordPress editor.
    • Shortcodes Use the shortcode button to insert products, layout blocks, and static blocks in your WordPress editor.

    =Useful Links=

    =Please Leave a Rating=

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    • This plugin does not allow you to completely avoid using Magento on your website, it simply helps you to get your WordPress and Magento themes seamlessly integrated.
    • If upgrading, please back up your database first!
    • Follow me on Twitter to keep up with the latest updates @gigasavvy
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