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    CMS2CMS: Automated Joomla to WordPress Migration

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    You own a Joomla based website with a lot of content. One day you’ve discovered that WordPress will work better for you. Now you’re probably thinking about how to quickly and safely move all the content from Joomla website to a new WordPress website.
    You have no time to do it, or perhaps you’re not that big ‘techie’.
    That’s exactly the reason why you are on this page (and why you should keep reading).

    What you get by trying this plugin and how it will help:

    • Free Demo Migration to preview the data migration results beforehand;
    • Multiple content items to move to WordPress (+ you can choose which ones you want to move and where to put them in WordPress);
    • Migration time =15 min (NOTE that the migration time depends on the content volume you’re up to transfer from Joomla to WordPress);
    • Price for migration depends on the amount of content you want to move to WordPress.

    What exactly can be moved from Joomla to WordPress:

    • Articles along with their creation date, status and author;
    • Content and all media files included in articles, along with content creation date, content status, content author;
    • Categories;
    • Tags, (Starting from Joomla 3.1);
    • Content images + Intro images;
    • Content relations with categories, tags and featured images;
    • Users, and their roles;
    • Comments;
    • Menu and menu items;
    • Custom fields (from Joomla 3.7.0).

    Preserved SEO rankings after the migration

    • Migration of SEO aliases and SEO friendly URLs;
    • Migration of keywords, metadata/meta description:
    • Automated 301 redirects from existing Joomla website to the new WordPress website.

    Migration of the following Joomla extensions:

    • JComments to default WordPress comments.

    Compatible with Joomla 1.5.x – 3.7.x and WordPress 4.1.x – 4.8.x.

    • Live help is available. If you have questions regarding migration, our support team (24/7) would try to answer them;
    • When a custom migration is needed, CMS2CMS offers data migration service packages to order.
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