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    Job Manager

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    Job Manager is a plugin for managing job lists and job applications on your WordPress site. From posting job details to accepting resumes and applicant tracking and all the way through
    the interview process, Job Manager supports all the features you need to manage your organization’s hiring process.


    • Job Listing
      • Categories to create multiple job boards
      • Jobs can be filed under multiple categories
      • Icons can be assigned to jobs, to make them stand out in the listing
      • Customisable fields, so you can display information about your jobs specific to your situation
      • Powerful templating system, allowing you to control the look and feel of your jobs and job boards
      • Widgets to fit into your WordPress theme
    • Job Management
      • Jobs can be defined to display between certain dates, or indefinitely
      • Simple admin interface for editing, updating and creating jobs
      • Jobs can be easily archived or made public as needed
    • Applications
      • Applicants can apply through the website, using a form that you can customize and template, so you get the information you need
      • Advanced filtering on application forms, to ensure you only get applications that match your criteria: Documentation
      • Upon successful application, you can be emailed the details, so you’re always up to date with new applicants
    • Applicant Management
      • Simple interface for viewing all applicants
      • List can be filtered based on any criteria in your custom application form
      • Email individuals or groups of candidates, to keep them updated on new job opportunities in your organisation
      • Interview scheduling, linked directly to jobs and applications
      • Internal comments, for easy reference when you need to decide
    • Sidekick Walkthroughs
      • Overview of Settings
      • Overview of Basic Admin Settings, more walkthrough tutorials to be added in coming weeks

    More information on this version of Job Manager

    Read Me – Job Manager UPDATING from version 7.20 or earlier details

    Limited support for the Job Manager plugin is provided on the WordPress forums. Please note: That it is free support, hence it is not always possible to answer all questions on a timely manner, although we do try.
    Personalized premium support may be available via email in the near future.


    Get involved

    Other Plugin Support

    Job Manager supports added functionality when other plugins are installed. If you think your plugin could add some functionality to Job Manager, please submit an enhancment request.
    Select (KIND) as Enhancment

    Google XML Sitemaps

    Job Manager will add all of your job lists and job detail pages to your sitemap, when Google XML Sitemaps is installed on your site.


    If you want a CAPTCHA on your Application Form, install the SI CAPTCHA plugin.

    Additional Plugin Recommendations

    [Other Plugins we recommend for use with Job Manager] (



    New for July 2015:

    • Italian Translation (0.7..24),provided by Criss Seregni
    • Job Manager is now Sidekick enabled with Walkthroughs
    • Job Manager is now CSS Hero Ready

    We need help with translations for the Job Manager plugin, you can HELP via Transifex.

    Simply select or add a language you want to translate in and I will attach the language in the next version release. You will need an account on Transifex to do this.

    Not sure how to get started? Contact me. ( Select Translations via options, and let me know the language you want to help with?
    I will email you back super easy instructions. It is really not difficult at all.

    = I’ll acknowledge your contribution here with either your full name or username given.=

    NOTE:The information below has been maintained for continuity purposes and applies to the plugin up to release 7.20
    Notice the version number in brackets. This is the version series that the translation is up-to-date with. If that version series is lower than the current release, you can still use the translation, there just may be some strings that still show in English. If you’d like to add your own language, or help keep an existing language up-to-date, please contact us!

    Special Thanks

    • George Stephanis – For his quick assist to get a fix out for the Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) bug.
    • [CSS Hero] (,for for their support of Open Source projects by providing development tools and resources like CSS Hero.
    • Vladimir Garagulya [User Role Editor] (, for his support on user roles and options for Job Manager.
    • Matt Wild of [Gobble Logic] (, for his insurmoutable help in keeping this project alive.
    • Amy Shanks of [Strategic Recruitment Solutions] (, for her encouragement and continuing support to Job Manager.
    • Jet Brains, for their support of Open Source projects by providing development tools and resources like PhpStorm.
    • Automattic,for their support and feedback on features, design and usability.
    • All the wonderful people who’ve submitted bugs, feedback and feature requests – you’re the people who keep us on our toes and help give this project life!

    Print Icon by Piotr Kwiatkowski, under a CC BY-ND license.

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