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    Job Manager by SmartRecruiters

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    The easiest way to post jobs and manage candidates in a WordPress site. Connects with the Pro version of SmartRecruiters, your workspace to find and hire great people.

    Here’s an overview of all the features:

    Job Listing

    • Display a job list in any page and control/filter through categories and location
    • Leverage your existing style sheet to display Job List and Job Ad
    • Additional Job Widget to display jobs on other sites

    Job Management

    • Create, post and manage jobs in an easy interface
    • Copy jobs, put them on-hold, and automatically unpost when a job is filled
    • Assign Jobs to department and report consolidated progress
    • Give Hiring Team access to manage jobs and candidates in an intuitive interface.

    Job Posting

    • Know where to advertise your jobs with predictive analytics and post with 1-click.
    • One-click posting to leading paid job boards like Monster, Careerbuilder, Dice, Craigslist. Add any boards you need to the growing SmartRecruiters Job Board Network.
    • Jobs are automatically cross-posted to leading free job boards and aggregators like Indeed, SimplyHired, Bright, Trovit, JobRapido, and more.
    • Facebook App to add a Careers Tab to your Corporate Facebook page. The best way to turn fans into hires.
    • Social Recruiting integration with Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter to share jobs with your network and generate referrals.

    Online Application

    • People apply online using an application form that you can configure
    • Includes “Apply With LinkedIn” or “Apply with Facebook” functionalities
    • Resume parsing technology which reads a resume (Word, PDF) and fills in the form on behalf of applicant.
    • People can attach documents (resume, letter, portfolio), which are all indexed and become searchable in your candidate pool.
    • Includes EEO and veteran information collected confidentially
    • Automatic acknowledgement email with personalized fields (Dear John, …)
    • General Application for people to drop a resume without applying to a specific role

    Applicant Tracking

    • All applicants (from all sources) are consolidated within a single web interface in order to easily manage them through the entire hiring process.
    • Email notification when you receive a new applicant
    • One-click actions to Invite, Share, Reject or Contact candidates with easy predefined communication templates
    • Easy tracking of Applicants through the process with clear stages (New, In-Review, Interview, Offer, Offer Accepted, Hired)
    • Share Applicants with other team members. Write reviews and post ratings to reach a collaborative hiring decision.
    • Extend Offer Letters and manage offer acceptance through onboarding
    • Keep all resumes in a searchable database and start building talent pools for your company

    And More

    • Powerful reporting capabilities to measure and optimize your recruiting efforts
    • SmartRecruiters Open SaaS application is hosted and maintained. No need to worry about hosting, security, performance.
    • Secured https connection for Online Application and access to Candidate Details (a legal must).
    • Smart security model with multiple user roles allows to control who has access to which jobs and candidates

    Job Manager by SmartRecruiters should be easy to install and use. We’d love to hear from you if you have any issues, questions or ideas.

    If you don’t have a SmartRecruiters account yet, you can sign up here. Job Manager is available only in the Pro version.

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