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    Imsanity automatically resizes huge image uploads down to a size that is
    more reasonable for display in browser, yet still more than large enough for typical website use.
    The plugin is configurable with a max width, height and quality. When a contributor uploads an
    image that is larger than the configured size, Imsanity will automatically scale it down to the
    configured size and replace the original image.

    Imsanity also provides a bulk-resize feature to selectively resize previously uploaded images
    to free up disk space.

    This plugin is ideal for blogs that do not require hi-resolution original images
    to be stored and/or the contributors don’t want (or understand how) to scale images
    before uploading.


    • Automatically scales large image uploads to a more “sane” size
    • Bulk-resize feature to selectively resize existing images
    • Allows configuration of max width/height and jpg quality
    • Optionally converts BMP files to JPG so image can be scaled
    • Once enabled, Imsanity requires no actions on the part of the user
    • Uses WordPress built-in image scaling functions


    Imsanity is available in several languages, each of which will be downloaded automatically when you install the plugin. To help translate it into your language, visit

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