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    Image Source Control

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    Did you ever forget to add the source to an image file in the frontend and the lawyer of the copyright holder knocked on your door?

    Image Source Control (ISC) helps to prevent this situation.

    github repository

    Since I am not able to work on feature requests or fix buxes right now, you can submit them to the github repository.
    I will definitely review them there.

    Image Sources Lists

    You can choose between different image source list types:

    • source as image caption/overlay (not compatible with all themes)
    • source list below the content
    • combined source list of all images

    Frontend Features

    • display sources for images in content, galleries, shortcodes and featured images
    • show image source directly in the image (not working with all images and themes)
    • include a list with all images and their sources of the current page/post
    • include a list with all images and their sources with all images or only those included in posts
    • attach lists to automatically or using shortcodes or template functions
    • display image sources on archive pages

    Backend Features

    • manage image source within media dashboard
    • mark an image to belong to the uploader
    • lists images with missing sources in the backend
    • warnings, if image source is missing
    • link sources to any url
    • manage, display and link licences


    English, German


    Find instructions under Other Notes or at the image source control website.


    Also have a look at the image source control manual.

    Find a list of images with missing sources under Media > Missing sources

    automatic image sources

    You can choose to display image sources automatically below the post content or as a small overlay above your images. Just visit the settings page of the plugin to enable those options.

    manually included image sources on pages/posts

    You can add the image source list manually to pages or post via the shortcode [isc_list] in your content editor. You can use [isc_list id="123] to show the list of any post or page.

    You can also add the list with the function isc_list() within the loop in your template files. Use isc_list( $post_id ) to show the image source list outside the loop.

    You should also check first if the function exists before using it:

    list all image sources

    You can add a paginated list with ALL attachments and sources to a post or page using the shortcode [isc_list_all]. Use [isc_list_all per_page="25"] to show only a limited number of images per page.

    The plugin searches your post content and thumbnail for images (attachments) and lists them, if you included at least the image source or marked it as your own image.

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