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    Icegram Engage: Best WordPress Marketing & Popup Plugin

    Icegram Engage is the popular result-driven WordPress popup maker that helps website owners and bloggers grow their email lists seamlessly. Capture leads using beautiful popups, slide-ins, optin, welcome bars and more without learning to code.

    With the Icegram Engage popup builder plugin, you can set up exit-intent popup campaigns, action bars, badges, stickies, inline optin, fullscreen overlay, ribbons, sidebar panel and more in no time. Automate your lead generation campaigns for free with Icegram Engage’s intuitive workflow that works with most of the widely used WordPress themes in the market.

    Icegram Engage comes with different types of lead capture widgets and readymade templates to easily build your lead generation campaign. All built-in widgets and pre-built gallery themes listed in the template grid are responsive across all devices.

    Join creating unlimited popups and CTA bars with 40,000+ smart users across the globe.

    What is Icegram Engage Popup Builder?

    To be short, Icegram Engage popup builder is a powerful lead capturing WordPress plugin that helps bloggers & website owners convert their web visitors into potential leads.

    At Icegram Engage, we have 50+ free high-converting popup templates & action bar themes to automate your marketing campaigns quickly. Eliminate the concept of building your lead generation and newsletter subscription box from scratch. Build unlimited popup campaigns with the pre-built templates and marketing headline copy suggestions today.

    Not just a traditional popup plugin. With Icegram Engage you can

    • Convince and Convert raw web visitors into loyal customers with our precisely crafted marketing templates

    • Welcome or direct your website visitors with the header and footer bars elegantly

    • Communicate with your real customers by sending them to the appropriate support page or landing page

    • Introduce powerful CTA – Call To Action elements to attract your audience to take prompt action

    • Reduce the bounce rate of your WordPress website by providing relevant resources and lead magnets that your audiences love

    • Gamify your content by providing interactive trick or treat mini-game inline content and retain more customers with the coupon codes

    • Stick notifications/updates in the form of beautiful sticky notes and grab the attention of your visitors

    • Create urgency and FOMO by displaying sales info using actionable hello bars

    Don’t spend huge on marketing campaigns to drive new leads for your brand next time. Leverage the existing potential website visitors and acquire quality leads without spending a dime. Icegram Engage popup maker helps bloggers build their newsletter subscription list effortlessly and improves returning loyal visitors to their blog strategically.


    👉 Great plugin for lead generation
    We’ve been using Icegram Engage as well as the compatible Email and Newsletter plugin from Icegram for blog subscription and lead generation forms. It’s easy to set up and it does what it’s supposed to do. Thank you! – IrinaT

    Learn how to install the Icegram Engage plugin and get started – Installation Guide
    View all documentation to harness the power of optins – Knowledge Base

    People trust Icegram Engage’s Free Popup Maker because…

    Icegram Engage free popup maker is one of the earliest marketing plugins trusted by more than 40,000+ real users across the planet. It has helped many brands and bloggers automate their smart marketing campaigns with our well-structured documentation and timely support.

    Icegram Engage WordPress popup addon is widely trusted by smart entrepreneurs because

    • Totally free to use – One of the top optin plugins in the WordPress repository

    • Robust real human support – Even for free users

    • Growth focused templates – Saves huge time

    • No design or development skill required

    • Dedicated product documentation and video tutorials

    • Helpful blog posts to grow any business online

    • Bullet-proof security-focused plugin code structure

    • Non-intrusive lead capturing campaigns

    • User experience focused triggers and transitions

    • Compatible with the latest WordPress version

    • Works seamlessly with any WordPress themes

    • GDPR Compliant

    Here’s what brands and individuals say about the Icegram Engage marketing plugin


    👉 Great Tool, Great Support
    To my surprise, even for the free version, I can benefit for most of the features. I especially appreciate the technical support you have provided. You are the best. – swan


    👉 Great tool to get attention!
    This tool is helping us keep our organization alive and well in the Covid 19 pandemic. Thanks for making it so easy for us to spread the word to our members. Plus it is easy to use and the free themes are fun to help fit our messages as we need them. – mimdoc


    👉 Wonderful plugin
    I discovered Icegram plugins at the start of 2020. I have tried many related plugins.
    I ended up buying two of Icegram’s plugins.
    Very impressed. – oneirishrover


    👉 Great, flexible plugin
    Worked great with my theme. I was able to add a call to action footer bar on my homepage. I can’t believe all the customizations you can do for free. I was even able to add shortcode to the bottom bar and it worked beautifully. – ddmccaleb

    Check more reviews about the Icegram Engage WordPress plugin – Ratings & Testimonials

    What are the features that make the Icegram Engage optin plugin more productive?

    Icegram Engage responsive lead capture plugin comes with growth-focused features without any bloats. It is one of the best companions for WordPress webmasters and marketers to grow their businesses smartly. And this makes Icegram Engage the best WordPress popup plugin around.

    Here are some of the popular Icegram Engage features to consider when setting up your marketing campaigns

    1. Sleek user interface and elegant design

    2. Mobile responsive image popup templates and themes

    3. Integrates with top email marketing platforms

    4. Unlimited popup and lead acquisition campaigns

    5. Different types of popups and optins that works

    6. Multiple display rules and targetting options

    7. 50+ high converting popups and action bars

    8. Eye-catchy popup animations

    9. Advanced customization option for power users

    10. Compatible with latest WPML plugin

    11. Use shortcodes to easily display campaigns

    12. Lazy load option to align with the cache system

    13. Don’t force users to show our plugin name on popups

    14. Duplicate your existing campaigns in a single click

    15. Smart retargeting options to improve user experience

    Check Icegram Engage’s official features page for detailed info.

    1. Sleek user interface and elegant design

    Create unlimited free popups and hello bar-styled CTAs with the kid-friendly user interface. A simple and clean structured WordPress admin dashboard area with essential settings is given.

    2. Mobile responsive templates and themes

    Readymade templates that are available in the Icegram Engage gallery are mobile responsive and work well on any device screen seamlessly.

    3. Integrates with top email marketing platforms

    Icegram Engage optin plugin is capable of integrating with all popular ESPs – Email Service Providers. Some of the top ESPs that Icegram Engage supports are

    • Icegram Express (formerly known as Email Subscribers & Newsletters),

    • MailChimp,

    • Constant Contact,

    • AWeber,

    • Campaign Monitor,

    • GetResponse,

    • InfusionSoft

    • ConstantContact,

    • ActiveCampaign,

    • Emma,

    • iContact,

    • MailerLite,

    • MailPoet,

    • MadMimi,

    • Klawoo,

    • e-GOI,

    • SendPress,

    • Email Buddy,

    • My Mail,

    • Pepipost,

    • AWS,

    • Mailgun,

    • Sendgrid,

    • Postmark,

    • Sparkpost,

    • and other ESPs that provide HTML code to users.

    Setup your autoresponders to automate your email campaigns whenever a new lead arrives.

    4. Unlimited popup and lead acquisition campaigns

    Unlike other WordPress lead capture tools, the Icegram Engage optin plugin allows website owners to create unlimited lead acquisition campaigns without any restriction. Unleash the power of a true free WP optin plugin.

    5. Different types of popups and opt-ins that works

    Create and launch different kinds of popups and opt-ins such as well-timed popups, lightbox subscription boxes, action bars, slide-in messengers, toast notifications, multi-step CTAs, floating buttons and more for free.

    6. Multiple display rules and targetting options

    Show your campaign messages and popups to the entire website or on specific pages that need attention. Also, decide which device visitors should see the campaign such as mobile, tablet and PC. Schedule a campaign with a specific interval of time to display the campaign at the right time automatically.

    7. 50+ high converting popups and action bars

    Icegram Engage free plugin comes with 50+ high converting popups and optins for growing your business in no time. Never spend huge time on building a popup from the scratch. Cut the developer and designer cost today.

    Checkout all templates and demo of Icegram Engage here – Template Gallery

    8. Eye-catchy popup animations

    Make your popup, messages and action bars more appealing to your website visitors by adding an animation to your campaign.

    9. Advanced customization option for power users

    Users can apply custom CSS and JS code to the campaign without installing any third-party plugin. Customize your campaign with the personalized custom code smartly.

    10. Compatible with the latest WPML plugin

    Icegram Engage WordPress popup plugin is fully compatible with the latest WPML plugin. Thus, it helps webmasters encourage their regional audience with their regional language content.

    11. Use shortcodes to easily display campaigns

    Place the shortcodes to display the messages, inline campaigns, CTAs and popups on any specific page or blog post precisely.

    12. Lazy load option to align with the cache system

    Use the “Lazy Load” option to load Icegram Engage campaigns once the website default scripts ran. Avoid conflicts when running any scripts beforehand with this simple tweak.

    13. Don’t force users to show our plugin name on popups

    Icegram Engage plugin doesn’t force users to display the branding of our product on the campaign you follow. Most of the popular plugins out there in the space force users to display their brand under the “powered by” section. Icegram Engage is open-source and doesn’t force users to showcase the plugin brand.

    14. Duplicate your existing campaigns in a single click

    Icegram Engage plugin allows users to duplicate the campaigns that were created before to save time on repetitive tasks. A single click can duplicate the existing messages and campaigns.

    15. Smart retargeting options to improve user experience

    To improve the website visitor experience, Icegram Engage allows the website owners to choose when to showcase the campaign again. It can be also done when a web visitor engages by hitting any CTA buttons as well. From sessions, days to years, one can retarget the audience with the same campaign.

    Powerful Features of Icegram Engage Premium

    Beyond the free limit, Icegram Engage provides various advanced features for website owners who opt for Icegram Engage Premium. Here are some of the premium features of the Icegram Engage plugin

    1. Quick analytics to track campaign performance – Track the campaign performance with the precise impression and conversion stat

    2. Best exit-intent popup campaigns – Convince abandoning website visitors to stay for a long period by triggering exit intent and delayed popup campaigns

    3. 100+ premium templates with improved UI – Build stunning popups, bars, CTAs, better notification bars, alerts and more with the exclusive premium templates

    4. 10+ advanced campaign animations and transitions – Entertain website visitors with more flawless animations and grab attention

    5. Experiment A/B testing campaigns – Setup A/B testing campaigns and see which version of the campaign works better for your audience

    6. Showcase your messages using non-intrusive stickies – Create eye-catchy elegant sticky notes and pin them on your website to stand out from the crowd

    7. Show your Icegram Engage messages on Non-WordPress websites – Display your messages and popup campaigns to any non WordPress website with our Remote feature

    8. Target optins based on geo-location – Target your campaigns based on visitors’ location, continent, country, city, region or IP address effortlessly.

    Introduce fullscreen popups to optimize your campaign for better conversion. Interstitial messages bring more leads to your campaign as well.

    Premium Icegram Engage Plugin | Marketing Blog | Support Help Desk

    Icegram Engage’s Result-Driven Lead Generation tool used by

    Icegram Engage lead generation WordPress plugin is widely used by smart people around every sector. Also, Icegram Engage act as an AdBlock proof, it runs seamlessly on any browser when an AdBlock extension is active.

    Some of the popular niches using the IG Engage tool are listed below

    • Bloggers

    • Entrepreneurs

    • Business consultants

    • Store owners

    • Journalists

    • Health sectors

    • Developers

    • Agencies

    • Fitness mentors

    • Affiliate marketers

    ✔️ Lead optin for bloggers

    Smart bloggers use various Icegram Engage’s lead optins and popup campaigns to build their email list faster.

    ✔️ Business messages for entrepreneurs

    Business owners and product founders leverage the power of Icegram Engage messages, header and footer action bar to showcase notifications.

    ✔️ Call back for business consultants

    Business consultants and independent freelancers use Icegram Engage’s call-back sticky tab messages to drive leads to their business.

    ✔️ Retaining coupons for store owners

    eCommerce store owners [WooCommerce] use exit intent campaigns to win back abandoning shoppers with the exclusive coupon codes. Use trick or treat and easter egg gamification messages to retain customers.

    ✔️ Action bars for journalist websites

    Journalist and news aggregator website owners display their subscription or critical announcement effortlessly with the Icegram Engage email widget, action bars and alerts.

    ✔️ Review modules for health sectors

    Health sectors place a review section message to collect feedback from people and use them as social proof on their website.

    ✔️ Advanced blocks for developers

    Power users customize Icegram Engage popups, bars, messages and alerts with their personalized custom CSS and JS code.

    ✔️ Non-intrusive popups for agencies

    Creative agencies handling multiple websites prefer user-friendly popups to align with user experience.

    ✔️ Lead magnets for fitness gurus

    Fitness coaches use lead magnets to attract clients to their website. Icegram Engage’s powerful popups, messages, inline widgets, action bars and more help them drive quality leads.

    ✔️ CTAs for affiliate marketers

    Affiliate marketers build their Icegram Engage popup and CTAs to direct their potential website buyers to the partner website without any hassle.

    Icegram Engage WordPress plugin is suitable for everyone who loves to drive more traffic and leads.

    Some of the major use cases are narrated here – Icegram Engage Use Case [best pop up examples included]

    Icegram Engage vs Its Alternatives – Here’s what you need to know…

    We compared Icegram Engage with some similar plugins and here’s the complete one-on-one review.

    💡 Sumo Me vs Icegram Engage – Full Review

    💡 Optin Monster vs Icegram Engage – Complete Feature Analysis

    💡 Ninja Popups vs Icegram Engage – Plugin Faceoff

    💡 Hellobar vs Icegram Engage – Comparative Analysis

    Icegram Engage’s successful journey includes

    We have had a great journey so far. You can take a look

    🏆 8 successful years in the market

    🏆 40,000+ active installs and counting

    🏆 2000+ premium customers

    🏆 300+ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ratings on WordPress support forum

    🏆 3+ real human premium support executive

    🏆 1500+ support tickets closed in 6 months

    And more to come! Icegram Engage is working on adding goal-based features constantly.

    Let’s Socialize: Facebook Page | Twitter Handle | YouTube Channel


    👉 Great – even for a novice!
    Easy to use plugin that even a novice can figure out. Very pleased with the various features this plugin offers. – JConstantin99

    Some of our other free plugins on

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    Icegram Collect (formerly known as Rainmaker) – Best Forms Plugin on WordPress

    Temporary Login Without Password – It’s a handy tool to support our customers. We use it daily.

    Smart Manager – Manage & Bulk edit Products, Orders & more…

    Offermative – Dynamic discount pricing, related product recommendations, upsells and funnels for WooCommerce.

    Signup for Free | Resources | Knowledge Base | Contact Support

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