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    File Away

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    Upload your files from the front-end using ajax. Manage them securely from the front-end with the file manager. Display them to your users in stylized lists or sortable data tables. Gather download statistics. Construct shortcodes manually or using a point and click UI. Easily create dynamic paths to show different content to different logged-in users.

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    • File Away is translation ready and available in multiple languages for front-end output.
    • Display files from your server directories or post/page attachments in stylized lists or sortable data tables with one of two powerful shortcodes.
    • Collect download statistics for all users on your site, and receive instant email notifications and/or periodic email reports on downloads.
    • Encrypt download links and mask URL paths to files.
    • Numerous shortcodes with over 100 optional attributes to fine-tune the appearance and functionality of your lists and tables and file upload forms.
    • One shortcode for uploading your files to your server, securely from the front-end of your site, powered by ajax.
    • Generate RSS feeds so users can subscribe to your file directories and get updates when new files have been added.
    • Optionally redirect logged-out users to a page of your specification when they click on any file download link.
    • Generate File Away styled sortable, searchable, paginated data tables in Formidable Pro Views.
    • Full-fledged front-end CSV creator/editor for managing your CSV files and File Away parser CSVs, as well as displaying CSV data to whomever you wish in sortable, searchable data tables.
    • Enable FLightbox, File Away’s definitive answer to the Lightbox. Your users can view images, watch videos, and read PDFs.
    • Monetize your tables with dynamically-added banners, using a simple CSV file.
    • YouTube and Vimeo support in File Away’s own FLightbox.
    • Add hyperlinks to offsite files and web pages, just by dropping a simple CSV file into the directory where your shortcode is pointed.
    • Generate thumbnails for your jpg, png, gif, and pdf files, on the fly.
    • Optionally enable in-table audio playback of your audio files, with download links for each audio file type matching the file name. Works with regular tables, Directory Tree tables, and Recursive tables.
    • Choose whether to show or hide your shortcode output based on user role, user id, or device! Show one shortcode to desktops and notebooks, and another one to mobiles and tablets.
    • Optionally specify separate paths for your playback audio and your audio downloads.
    • Optionally make File Away lists and tables recursive, showing all files in all subfolders starting from your specified base directory.
    • Optionally enable bulk downloads to a single zip file on File Away data tables.
    • Optionally turn your File Away data table into a Directory Tree, to navigate through sub-directories beginning from your specified directory.
    • Optionally enable Mannager Mode, a secure front-end framework for renaming, copying, moving, and deleting files and directories, individually or in bulk. Only specified users and/or user roles will have access to Manager Mode. Universal access settings can be overriden on a per-shortcode basis using a password set in the Admin area.
    • Manager Mode security features prevent backwards access to directories. Security measures are in place both on the client and server side.
    • With Directory Tree mode enabled, use the [fileaframe] shortcode and the File Away iframe page template, to embed your Directory Tree table in a seamless iframe on your page, to allow navigation of server directories without refreshing the parent page, and to allow multiple tables on a page without interference.
    • Easily create dynamic paths to display different files to an unlimited number of different logged-in users, using one or more of File Away’s four dynamic paths codewords, all with a single shortcode instance.
    • Display files recursively, or from only a single specified directory.
    • Create directories on the fly just by pointing your shortcode to them, if they don’t already exist.
    • Formidable Pro users can easily create dynamic paths in Formidable custom displays using Formidable shortcodes inside the File Away shortcode.
    • Powered by themergency’s Foo Table, your tables are sortable by column, searchable, and have the option to turn on pagination for large tables.
    • Easily create custom columns in your tables to provide additional information about your files and attachments.
    • Build your shortcodes with a smooth point-and-click UI.
    • Use one of the built-in styles for your list or table, or easily create your own styles using the helpers and built-in CSS editor.
    • Use the built-in CSS editor, or create your own stylsheet and upload it to the custom-css directory. File Away will enqueue it for you.
    • Easily plug your custom styles and colors into the shortcode generator UI.
    • Save up to five Base Directories for quick reference when building your shortcodes.
    • Extend the base directory path with the optional sub-directory attribute on a per-shortcode basis.
    • Precise control over inclusion and exclusion of specific files and file types on a global or per-shortcode basis.
    • Choose whether file links are download links or open in a new window per file type.
    • Adds a custom Post ID column to “All Pages” and “All Posts” for quick reference when pointing the attachments shortcode to a page other than the current page.
    • Choose whether to load the stylesheets and the Javascript in the header on all pages, or the footer only on necessary pages.
    • Activate the debug feature on a per-shortcode basis to help with troubleshooting path targets.
    • Automatically hides dynamic content from logged-out users.
    • No output when there are no files in the directory to display, so insert your dynamic paths shortcode, and worry about adding files to the directories at your own pace.
    • Control access to individual file/attachment displays by user role.
    • Disable link functionality, if desired. For instance, to display successful user uploads.
    • Choose by user capability who can see and use the shortcode generator UI.
    • Choose the location of the shortcode button on the TinyMCE panel.
    • Choose the date display format: MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY.
    • Comes with numerous tutorials and dozens of quick info links with modal window helpers for each feature and shortcode attribute.
    • Choose between file-type icons, paperclip icons, or no icons, on a per-shortcode basis.
    • In tables, choose by which column to sort on initial page load, either ascending or descending.
    • Icons are web font characters, so no extra image loading time.
    • Numerous other behind-the-scenes features. The shortcodes work to make your displays presentable and secure.


    • PHP 5.4+
    • WordPress 3.5+
    • Linux Apache
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