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    Facebook Social Stream

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    The Facebook Social Stream plugin generates a responsive, SEO optimized and cached Facebook feed for your website.
    You do not even need a Facebook API key!

    Just configure the Facebook page name and add the shortcode [fb_social_stream] to your page. That’s it.

    Have a look at my example page for a live demo.


    This plugin was officially released at July 17th 2015 and will be ongoing improved by new features.
    If you have found some bugs or if you have feature requests, please check out the support forum

    It would be nice to contact me if you have troubles before you leave a bad rating. Thanks 🙂


    I am working as a professional Freelance Web Developer and I’m developing this plugin in my free time.
    Please keep in mind that I am not able to provide support for every single WordPress instance with different themes, plugins and server environment.

    I keep my blog updated with the newest plugin and WordPress version.
    If it is up and running there without any errors please check your configuration and log-files for further information.


    • KISS principle (keep it simple, stupid)
    • Easiest possible configuration


    • Easy to add via shortcode [fb_social_stream]
    • Customizable appearance without CSS knowledge
    • Responsive behaviour
    • Crawlable by search engine bots
    • Fast delivery by caching
    • HTML-links of Hashtags
    • HTML-links of message URLs
    • Modern HTML5 video delivery
    • Display YouTube videos as video-box
    • Promote your Facebook events on your website
    • Choose from different themes to change the style of your Facebook stream

    Advanced Settings

    • get Facebook stream as JSON-object instead of HTML
    • disable CSS in case you want to use your own stylesheet
    • disable JS in case you want to use your own javascript

    Powerful Extensions

    • show Facebook comments within your stream
    • add paging functionality to your social stream
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