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    Facebook Auto Publish

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    A quick look into Facebook Auto Publish :

    ★ Publish message to Facebook with image
    ★ Attach post or share link  to Facebook
    ★ Filter items  to be published based on categories
    ★ Filter items to be published based on custom post types
    ★ Enable or disable wordpress page publishing
    ★ Customizable  message formats for Facebook

    Facebook Auto Publish Features in Detail

    The Facebook Auto Publish lets you publish posts automatically from your blog to Facebook. You can publish your posts to Facebook as simple text message, text message with image or as attached link to your blog. The plugin supports filtering posts based on custom post-types as well as categories.

    The prominent features of the Facebook Auto Publish plugin are highlighted below.

    Supported Mechanisms

    The various mechanisms of posting to Facebook are listed below.

    Simple text message
    Text message with image
    Share a link to your blog post
    Attach your blog post
    Post to Facebook profile page
    Post to specific pages on Facebook

    Filter Settings

    The plugin offers multiple kinds of filters for contents to be published automatically.

    Enable or disable publishing of wordpress pages
    Filter posts to be published based on categories
    Filtering based on custom post types

    Message Format Settings

    The supported post elements which can be published are given below.

    Post title 
    Post description
    Post excerpt
    Blog title
    User nicename
    Post ID
    Post publish date


    Facebook Auto Publish is developed and maintained by XYZScripts. For any support, you may contact us.

    Facebook Auto Publish User Guide
    Facebook Auto Publish FAQ

    More Information

    Facebook Auto Publish User Guide
    Facebook Auto Publish FAQ


    Please read the FAQ first if you are having problems.


    WordPress 3.0+
    PHP 5.4+ 


    We would like to receive your feedback and suggestions about Facebook Auto Publish plugin. You may submit them at our support desk.

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