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    Custom Website Data

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    CWD allows you to simply store and retrieve data quickly and easily for your own use. Example applications of this could be to save your websites contact email address and phone number. Storing them using CWD you can then output them using the simple shortcodes throughout your website; if something changes, no problem just update it in one place and you are good to go.

    Your custom data can either be displayed on the website using shortcodes or you can use the data to manipulate the website in ways only limited by your imagination through use of a PHP function!

    Key Features:

    • Easy and quick installation.
    • Data stored in your WordPress database for security and quick access.
    • Shortcode works instantly with your data with not need for additional settings.
    • Developers can use the PHP function provided to access the data quickly and simply.
    • Import and export data using using csv.

    Future Features:

    • Implement AJAX submissions for quicker manipulation and better UX
    • Opt in anonymous usage tracking
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