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    Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar

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    , it is plugin for social networks. It is very simple plugin for share your site with your friends through social sites,The plugin supports 9 social networking.
    Your users share via their accounts on popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Youtube and Refer a Friend.

    With this plugin, you give users the tools to share your content, product details and other information with their own networks.

    More than 22 billion shares are viewed each and every day on the internet, with sharing becoming an increasingly important part of every website owner’s marketing strategies.

    Let your users share via their accounts on popular social networks. Install this free plugin to enable Social Sharing on your WordPress site and start driving high quality referrals to your website.

    It is a lightweight plugin. There is no external JS file added in this plugin so it will affect your site speed.

    You can add a social share floating sidebar with all social share buttons and Even you can change the share buttons images and their style from admin if you wish!.

    Upgrade to Pro Version


    • Options to add Custom Image of any social button.
    • Options to add background color of social button.
    • Floating Sidebar
    • Share Buttons to every post/page
    • Show/Hide options for any buttons
    • Options to edit message (“Show Buttons”,”Hide Buttons”…etc)
    • Options to set the position of Floating Sidebar (Left/Right/Bottom)
    • Options to set the position of Social Buttons (Left/Right)
    • Options to manage the style of the plugin
    • Option to disable sidebar for mobile
    • Option to define the pinterest share image
    • Option to auto close sidebar buttons on page load
    • Option to hide “Share This!!” button on page/post
    • Option to define share buttons postion (above content/below content)

    Go Pro

    We have also released an add-on for Custom Share Buttons With Floating Sidebar which not only demonstrates the flexibility of CSBWFS, but also adds some important features:


    • Responsive Floating Sidebar
    • Custom Styles for Floating Sidebar
    • Hide Floating Sidebar On Home/Post/Page/Category and on Custom Post Type
    • Hide Floating Sidebar from any specific page/post
    • An Option to Show/Hide sidebar on any specific page/post/product
    • To show social share buttons On Home/Post/Page/Category and on Custom Post Type
    • To show social share buttons before content, after content and before&after content
    • An Option to Show/Hide social share buttons on any specific page/post/product
    • An Option to Show/Hide sidebar on any custom post type
    • Responsive Lightbox Contact Form (for Mail Icon)
    • An option to add to any custom shortcode into lightbox
    • Advance feature to choose pinterest share image
    • An option to add OG tags content(title,image,description)
    • An option to set automatically horizontal sidebar position for mobile
    • An option to add social site official page URL for all social buttons
    • Extra Buttons (Google Translate,Instagram,Whatsapp,Digg,Yummly,Vk, Buffer, Line, Skype, RSS, Print, G-Mail, Blogger, Tumbler,Delicious,Weibo, Telegram,Xing & SMS )
    • An option to define twitter username in thier share window.
    • An option to display number of share(Facebook,LinkedIn,StumbleUpon,Google Plus,Pinterest,Xing and Reddit)
    • An options to change any button image, title, background colour and url (You can use any button as your own custom button)
    • An options to define sorting order for all buttons
    • 10 extra custom floating sidebar buttons with extra options (i.e you can define your own custom size for these buttons)
    • An option to show sum of total share count for all buttons
    • An option to remove mouse hover animation effect for all social buttons
    • Faster support

      Upgrade to Pro Version

      For any query contact to plugin author

      We have released also a social share pro extenstion for magento Sites
      Go Pro Magento Version

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