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    Content Aware Sidebars

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    The Fastest and Most Powerful WordPress Sidebar Plugin yet. Create tailored widget areas for any post, page, or custom post type in seconds. No coding required!

    Content Aware Sidebars is packed with features and is being used to boost on-site SEO, upsell products, and to optimize conversion rates by displaying different sidebars on different conditions.

    Add Unlimited Sidebars and Widget Areas

    Replace your theme sidebars on different conditions, or insert sidebars with shortcodes. With the All-in-one Sidebar Manager, you can easily activate and deactivate widget areas, and you can even schedule them for specific times.

    Sidebars – Quick Select© lets you add or select widget areas directly when editing a post or page.

    Customize Your Widget Areas Your Way

    Without writing any code, you can modify the HTML and CSS classes of widget areas, widgets, and widget titles. You get full control over the look and feel of your sidebars and widget areas, no matter what theme you use.

    Sidebar Visibility lets you elegantly hide any widget area for logged-out users.

    The Most User-friendly Widget Manager

    If you have more than just a few widgets and widget areas, you will love the Enhanced Widget Manager. When adding new widgets to sidebars, Live Search will find widgets in seconds, and the smart split-screen gives you a much better overview.

    1-Click Sidebar Activation© lets you activate or deactivate a widget areas instantly.

    Show or Hide Sidebars on Any Page (Yes, any)

    Create a post sidebar, a page sidebar, a category sidebar, or any custom sidebar you need, without confusing widget logic code. You can even combine conditions in any way you like, so you can display widgets and custom sidebars on all posts in a select category and written by a specific author.

    Display your widget areas on any of these conditions:

    • Posts, Pages & Custom Post Types
    • Content with Tags, Categories, or Custom Taxonomies
    • Content written by select Authors
    • Page Templates
    • Blog Page & Post Type Archives
    • Author Archives
    • Taxonomy Archives
    • Date Archives
    • Front Page, Search Results, 404 Not Found Page
    • bbPress Profiles, Forums & Topics
    • BuddyPress Profile Sections
    • Languages (qTranslate X, Polylang, Transposh, WPML)
    • Pods Pages
    • Any Combination of Above

    Sidebar Plugin Integrations and Support

    Content Aware Sidebars automatically supports Custom Post Types and Taxonomies created by any plugin or theme. Built-in support for some of the most popular WordPress plugins means that you e.g. can create WooCommerce sidebars for select products or BuddyPress sidebars for your members.

    Content Aware Sidebars Pro – Complete control for your custom sidebars

    Highlighted Premium Features

    • Sidebar Designer: Add widget columns and edit colors, backgrounds, paddings, etc.
    • Insert Sidebars: Intelligently insert widget areas in theme hooks without coding
    • Automatic Widgets Backup: Easily restore any changed or deleted widgets
    • Sidebar Visibility: Extended visibility for User Roles and Guests
    • Time Schedule: Display widget areas only in select time ranges on given days
    • Smart Widget: Use your widget areas as reusable blocks
    • Duplicate Sidebars: A real time-saver when adding new similar widget areas
    • Disable Any Widget: Save memory and remove clutter by removing unused widgets
    • Priority Email Support: Get expert help directly in your inbox
    • and so much more…

    Extra Sidebar Conditions

    Display your widget areas on these additional conditions:

    • URLs + wildcards
    • Content from any day, month, year
    • BuddyPress Groups

    Upgrade at anytime instantly and securely from the Admin Dashboard, or click here to upgrade now!

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