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    Easy Custom Sidebars

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    Our new WordPress theme is almost ready! Want to know when we launch? Awesome! Visit our website and enter your details and we will e-mail you as soon as we are ready 🙂

    For a quick video demo please view the vimeo screencast.

    The documentation for this plugin can be found here.

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    A simple and easy way to replace any sidebar or widget area in any WordPress theme without coding. This plugin integrates with the WordPress Customizer so you can preview your custom widget areas on your site in realtime. It’s compatible with any theme and you can even replace more than one widget area on the same page!

    What does this plugin do?

    • This plugin allows you to replace any sidebar/widget area in any WordPress theme (no coding required).
    • You are able to replace multiple sidebars/widget areas on the same page.
    • It allows you to manage your custom sidebar replacements in the WordPress Admin area.
    • Allows you to apply the same sidebar replacement across all posts / all pages / all taxonomies / all custom post types with the click of a button.
    • It also automatically detects any type of content in your theme: e.g. custom post types / pages / posts and allows you to replace any widget areas that exist on those pages.
    • Automatic theme style detection: detects your themes styles and styles any custom sidebar replacements to match your theme styles. (no CSS styling required).
    • New: Live customizer widget preview. Your custom sidebars are now available in the WordPress Customizer allowing you to add widgets in realtime.

    Plugin Features

    • Create Unlimited Custom Sidebar Replacements: Replace widget areas on any page on your website.
    • Activate/Deactivate Custom Sidebars with the click of a button.
    • Works with any WordPress Theme that has any widget areas.
    • Core WordPress Design: the admin area looks like its part of WordPress (adopts the new Nav Menu UI style used in WordPress 3.6+).
    • Ajax Search: Easily find the page/post that contains the widget area you are looking to replace for without refreshing the page.
    • Customise the Admin Page: Show/Hide metabox elements on the admin page with the click of a button.
    • Translation Ready: MO and PO files are included.

    New: WordPress Customizer Widget Integration

    We have created the first sidebar manager that integrates into the new WordPress widget customizer. Now all of your custom widget areas are available in the WordPress customizer complete with live preview.

    • Manage your sidebars in realtime: The first plugin that is integrated with the new live widget previewer in the customizer, allowing you to make changes to your widget area and see the results instantly.

    Who is this Plugin ideal for?

    • Anyone who is looking for an easy way to replace sidebars / widget areas without coding.
    • Theme Authors: you can use this pluin to add unlimited sidebar functionality to your theme.
    • Great for use on client projects or for use on existing websites with limited sidebars.

    Developer Features

    Please note: We are currently working on producing in-depth documentation for theme developers which will be available shortly.

    • Cross Browser and Backwards Browser Compatible (Tested in all major browsers).
    • Already tested and works in WordPress 4.0.
    • Seamless WordPress Integration: Live preview is integrated into the WordPress Customizer and the settings page follows core WordPress design guidelines.
    • Uses the WordPress Options API to store and retrieve options.
    • Highly Secure: Checks user permissions, uses nonces and the WordPress Security API.
    • Uses the Screen Options API and Ajax to allow you to easily show/hide metaboxes on the admin page.
    • Rock solid, Robust Code: handcoded, tested and beautifully formatted in Sublime Text.
    • Uses WP Ajax for an enhanced admin experience.
    • Fully Commented Source Code.
    • Strong Usability Testing.

    Credits and Donation

    If you have found this plugin useful please donate here

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