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    A comment system plugin, it encourages readers to comment on any blog posts by placing a link at the end of their comments. For this back linking ability this plugin is very popular. Over 10,000 thousands of blogs are using commentLuv plugin.


    • You can enable your CommentLuv on both pages and posts with customize appearance. The admin page of this plugin is neat and clean, unlike other plugins where users get lost in the options.
    • Increases comments as people love to backlinks their websites, a win-win situation for all with DoFollow control. CommentLuv encourages users to leave comments, link to latest post under comment.
    • ┬áCommentLuv loaded with 28 different languages.
    • For avoiding spam CommentLuv suggests G.A.S.P (Growmap anti spambot plugin) to keep the spam in control and encourages users to be strict with comment policy.


    0% CPU USAGE
    0.0063 sec LOAD TIME


    In the codex,1 of 6 support threads have been resolved in last two months, that one problem was solved by the users themselves; the plugin owner, Andy Bailey, used to be very active on his support forum. We didn't find any documentation but the video tutorials make everything easier.

    Plugin ver- 2.93.5       WordPress ver- 3.8.1       Tested on 15 March, 2014
    System configuration: 1 core processsor, Memory - 512mb, 20gb SSD Disk

    Upgrade to CommentLuv Pro

    CommentLuv Pro has even more amazing features that can bring even more traffic and comments to your blog by giving you the ability to fight spam, add keywords, integrate twitterlink, add a top commentators widget, social enticements and by having it installed on your site, you get advanced backlink features on EVERY CommentLuv blog when you comment (there are 10’s of thousands of CommentLuv blogs)

    Get a free 10 week blogging course, premium content with no charge at all. See why I’m giving this away on the first email, click the button in the settings page to start your course (and find out why I’m giving it away)

    About | Features | Pricing

    This plugin will visit the site of the comment author while they type their comment and retrieve their last blog posts which they can choose to include at the bottom of their comment when they click submit.

    It has been found to increase comments and the community spirit for the thousands of blogs that have installed it. With a simple install you will immediately start to find new and interesting blog posts from your own blog and community. You will even be able to build your list/network/community even more by offering your readers the opportunity to register to your site to unlock advanced features of the plugin like being able to choose from any of their 10 last posts when they comment or other features like dofollow links and more.

    The plugin requires WP or WP MS version of at least 3.0 and will work with administrators and logged on users provided they have their homepage url set in their profile page in the dashboard of the site.

    You can get a free companion plugin at

    Now with updated function to allow you to delete or spam comments where the user has removed their url after getting a last blog post link (helps prevents spammer abuse)


    The links that CommentLuv adds are valuable for the people that leave comments so you will need to make sure that spammers do not try to take advantage of your blog by filling it with useless comments just to get a link. Be a good blogger and prevent them from leaving their crap on your site by requiring moderation on first comments and do not accept ‘great post thanks!’ type of comments.

    There has been great success in beating spam by installing G.A.S.P . It will bring your blog back under your control and it’s free!

    remember.. if you let anyone comment on your blog without restriction then you WILL get spammed whether you have CommentLuv or not. Be strict with your comment policy and be take responsibility for your own blog by being selective with the comments you accept and the internet will be a happier, spam free and useful place again! ­čÖé

    Many thanks to the following who provided translations

    Italian Gianni Diuno
    Polish Mariusz Kolacz
    Lithuanian Mantas Malcius
    Georgian Kasia Ciszewski
    Dutch Rene
    Portuguese (BR) Diego Uczak
    Malaysian Ariff
    Hindi Outshine Solutions
    Indonesian Mokhamad Oky
    Chinese (simplified) Third Eye
    Spanish Valentin Yonte
    German Jan Ruehling
    Persian Amir Heydari
    Tamil Tharun
    Ukranian Alyona Lompar
    Latvian Edgars Bergs
    Romanian Manuel Cheta
    Norwegian Hanna
    French Jean-Luc Matthys
    Danish Jimmy Sigenstroem
    Russian Max
    Bengali Amrik Virdi
    Hebrew Tobi
    Vietnamese Xman
    Hungarian Bruno
    Slovak Branco Radenovich
    Serbian Diana
    Turkish Hakan
    Swahili Andrew Mwaniki


    Display Options : Enter the text you want displayed in the comment for the link that is added.

    • [name] -> replaced with comment author name

    • [lastpost] -> replaced with the titled link.

    • CommentLuv on by default -> check this box to enable CommentLuv by default

    • Show info panel -> Shows the heart icon next to links so users can find out more about the comment author

    • Use template insert to show badge and checkbox -> check this box if you want to place the badge and pull down box in a particular place on your page by using the template code.

    • display badge -> choose from 3 different badges, choose no badge or use your own or specified text

    Technical Settings:

    • Authors name field name -> The name value of the field used on your comment form for the comment authors name

    • Email field name -> The name value of the field used on your comment form for the comment authors email

    • Authors URL field name -> The name value of the field used on your comment form for the comment authors site URL

    • Comments Text Area Name -> The name value of the field used on your comment form for the comment

    • update -> updates the settings

    • reset -> if you get in trouble, click this to reset to default settings

    Adding to your template

    Use <?php cl_display_badge(); ?> in your comments.php file where you want the badge and checkbox to be shown

    This plugin inserts fields to the comment form at run time. If you find there is no badge shown on the comment form after you first install it, please check your comments.php file for the command <?php do_action('comment_form', $post->ID); ?> before the </form> tag

    For logged on users and administrators, be sure to check your profile on your own dashboard and make sure there is a url entered.

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