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    Muut – Commenting and Forums Re-Imagined

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    Muut represents a complete re-imagination of what internet discussion forums and commenting should be. It’s a modern, fast, highly scalable discussion platform that you can embed onto your WordPress website, and personalize with css to match the design of your site.

    Starting at just $16 a month, you have a discussion platform that offers unlimited posts, comments, users, threads — and we never charge you based on usage. That means you’ll never be punished by having to pay more for a successful community.

    Whether you’re setting up for the first time or have just updated to the new version of the plugin, you’re going to love what we’ve done to make implementing Muut in your WordPress website easy and flexible.

    Why Muut?

    • Unified system for both forums and commenting. Same users and design
    • Full featured forums makes your WordPress site conversational
    • Flat or threaded commenting for small or big topics
    • Real-time. No page reloads – posts, replies, likes and users appear in real-time
    • Spam filtering, email notifications and 20+ different language versions

    Built For WordPress

    • Skinnable style the discussion directly from the WordPress CSS editor
    • Focus on content. Text focused, uncluttered and linear user interface
    • Comes with five widgets, all of which update in real-time
    • Single Sign-On. Use the WordPress login, users and avatars

    Optimized for SEO

    • Micro format optimized static content
    • Static content served from your domain
    • Custom S3 bucket support for Developer accounts
    • Escaped fragment support for Google

    New! Widget Details

    • Online Users – Now the Online Users list isn’t limited to just your main forum page and channel embeds. You can use the Online Users widget on any of your pages to show who is currently logged in (and how many other people are viewing the site). Watch users’ portraits appear on the fly as they sign in to join the discussion.
    • Latest Comments – Since Muut is so great to use as the commenting system on your posts and pages, the Latest Comments widget keeps track of which posts have received the latest comments and who made them, and all the users on your website can see it update in real-time as they participate in the discussions on all your posts.
    • Trending Topics – If you want to help users stay on top of which posts are getting the most activity on your forum, the Trending Posts widget does just that, with real-time updates to comments and likes—not to mention the trademark Muut green “currently typing” circle.
    • Discussion Channel – You can now embed a single specific channel in your website’s sidebar. Users can watch and join the discussion without having to stop browsing the rest of your website.
    • My Feed – By using the My Feed widget, users can keep track of all the activity on all the discussions they’ve joined and postes they’ve made right in your website’s sidebars.

    You can find more information about Muut at our website and read the full plugin documentation. For more information about why we do what we do, check out our Manifesto and see our pricing page for details on the features available on your Muut subscription.

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