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    CMS2CMS: Automated Drupal to WordPress Migration

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    You have a Drupal based website with a lot of data in it. Once you have found that WordPress is a better place to be. Now you’re wondering how to move a valuable content from your Drupal website to WordPress. You’re also worried about how to perform the migration quickly and safely, since you’re a busy person or don’t know how to ‘code’.

    How does this plugin help:

    • Run Free Demo Migration to see the migration results first;
    • Choose which content items you want to move from Drupal to WordPress and where (‘data mapping’ option);
    • Migration lasts for 15 min (NOTE that the migration time strongly depends on how many content items you’re up to transfer to WordPress);
    • Migration price depends on the content amount you’re up to migrate to WordPress.

    What you can move from Drupal to WordPress?:

    • Nodes (articles, static pages, etc.); content included there, nodes’ creation date, author and status;
    • Content images;
    • Content relations with categories and featured image;
    • Taxonomy (categories and tags);
    • Comments;
    • Passwords (Drupal 5.x – 6.x only);
    • Users and their roles;
    • Menu and menu items;
    • Custom fields;
    • Automated 301 redirects from existing Drupal website to the new WordPress website;
    • Meta Data from existing Drupal website to WordPress.

    Migration of the following Drupal modules:

    • Drupal CCK (Drupal 5.x – 6.x only) to WordPress post meta data.
    • Image, Path (migration of SEO-friendly URLs)

    Compatible with: Drupal 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x and WordPress 4.1.x – 4.8.x.

    • Live help is available. Our support team is here 24/7.
    • When a custom migration is needed, CMS2CMS offers data migration service packages to order.
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