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    BurnZone Competitive Commenting

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    BurnZone Forums & Commenting is a turn key community platform that brings together commenting & forums under one roof. We also include industry first community features designed to quantify and promote positive contributions.

    Current features for Both Forums & Comments:

    • Real Time – Conversations happen live.
    • Rich Media – Insert Images, Videos, & Social media directly into your posts.
    • Challenges – Any comment can be challenged by a commenter with a differing opinion. Challenges provide accountability to users that can have controversial opinions and surface what side of a topic a majority of people agree with.
    • Questions & Answers – We understand that comments are different from questions and we have designed our interface to support each activity separately.
    • SSO & Social Media login options – Leverage a variety of options to allow your community to login and create an identitiy.
    • Votes, likes & dislikes – Comments and answers can be liked and disliked. In challenges vote for which side of the topic you agree with.
    • User profiles – Every person commenting on your website will get a profile where the comments and points are stored.
    • Sharing – Users can share BurnZone content to Twitter and Facebook or share directly to friends via email.
    • Competitions – Drive engagement to your community by rewarding the top contibutors with Prizes and Give-aways for a set period of time.
    • Moderation – You can moderate users and content through the “BurnZone Moderator” area in your dashboard.
    • Language Support – We have just launched support for 10 languages.

    Support & Documentation:

    Reach out to us and get help through our site: During USA business hours we will try to respond immediately to your questions.

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