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    Better WordPress reCAPTCHA (support Akismet and Contact Form 7)

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    In the 21th century, spamming could be one of the most annoying problems for a
    website. Especially if you use some publishing platforms like WordPress, your
    blog WILL be spammed and no default methods will save you from such nightmare.
    This plugin utilizes the popular anti-spam library, Google reCAPTCHA, to help
    your blog stay clear of spams.

    The new no CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA, Contact Form 7 and Akismet are supported out of
    the box.

    Useful resources

    How-to: Add BWP reCAPTCHA to Contact Form 7.

    How-to: Add custom translations to reCAPTCHA (version 1 only).

    Official Documentation.

    Some Features

    • Choose between reCAPTCHA version 2 (no CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA) or the oldschool
    • You can add captcha to comment form, user registration form, site
      registration form and login form.
    • You can add captcha to forms generated by Contact Form 7 plugin:
      • Choose to treat invalid captcha as spam or validation error.
      • Customize the error message when captcha is invalid.
    • Hide captcha for qualified visitors.
    • Comment Form:
      • You can position captcha before or after the comment field.
      • Control how the plugin reacts when captcha response is invalid.
      • Set error message when captcha response is invalid.
    • Theme Features:
      • Ability to use custom CSS rules (new in 2.0.3)
      • reCAPTCHA version 2:
        • Choose between 2 default themes
        • Normal or compact size
        • More than 50 languages
      • reCAPTCHA version 1:
        • Choose between 4 default themes or create your own (sample CSS and images
        • Use built-in languages or add custom translations.
    • Integrate with Akismet for better end-users experience, i.e. “only force a
      CAPTCHA when a comment looks like spam”.
    • WordPress Multi-site compatible: you can set different key pair for each
      site or use a single key pair for all sites.
    • And more…

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    • English (default)
    • Spanish – Espanol (es_ES) – Thanks to Ivan Leomuro!
    • Hungarian (hu_HU). Thanks to Attila Porvay
    • French (fr_FR). Thansk to Christophe GUILLOUX and Raoul Pierre!
    • German (de_DE). Thanks to Andreas Reitberger
    • Croatian (hr). Thanks to Ivan!

    Please help translate this plugin!

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