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    BECAUSE Commenting System

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    Conva’s mission is simple: connect others and help them better understand one another. Through Conva, more of your audience will interact on site than ever before.

    Many people are on your site at one time, and they should be communicating. Conva is designed for audiences to have quick, focused, and well thought out interactions surrounding your content. It has an ease of use that allows all of your audience to participate.

    Keep your audience on the same page:
    Conva sets the context for a discussion by polling the audience. Once they answer the poll they are prompted to present their reasoning for their poll answer. This creates a focused platform where the audience interacts in real-time , making the interaction more authentic, and holding the participants accountable for what they say.

    Mobile in Mind:
    Goodbye commenting and hello chat! By replacing the “comment section” with a chat the interactions will happen quickly. For you, this creates exponential usage behaviors and creates incremental ad revenue, the overwhelming method of monetizing mobile web. Each interaction has a character limit. No more confusing rants sucking up your valuable space.

    Let Your Audience Create Something They Want to Share:
    Conva helps each individual identify with their opinions making each interaction unique and special. Each audience interaction will be a statement that they will want to share throughout their social channels.

    Ask Amazing Questions. Get Amazing Interaction
    What do you want to hear from your audience? What question do you think will get them chatting up a storm? Ask them! The beauty of Conva is that we provide you the opportunity to create an entire generated by your audience. Provide your audience with guidance, and direction that aligns with your goals. You can even create content precisely made to set up an engaging conversation. Get your audience more involved and make the user-generated content on your site an exciting read!

    Moderation Tools That Make Your Job Easy
    The character limit alone blocks out 65% of the spam comments. Beyond that we are committed to providing a set of tools to help make this job as painless as possible and to be certain. If there is a moderation feature that you want and we don’t have, tell us and we’ll create a solution for you.

    Stable tag: 1.6

    License: GPLv2 or later
    License URI:

    Conva creates engaging conversations around your content.


    For you:

    • add any poll question to any post
    • toggle poll feature
    • choose/upload images

    For your readers:

    • vote on poll
    • leave comment
    • 280 character limit
    • upvote/downvote
    • reply to comment
    • sort comments by most recent or most popular
    • edit/delete comment


    This plugin supports the GitHub Updater plugin, so if you install that, this plugin becomes automatically updateable direct from GitHub. Any submission to repo will make this redundant.

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