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    Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

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    Puts your own information into a version of Automattic’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, both available under the Creative Commons Sharealike license, that have been modified to exclude specifics to Automattic (like mentions of “JetPack”, “”, and “VIP”) and have more generic language that can apply to most any site or service provider, including single sites, subscription sites, blog networks, and others.

    Enter your organization’s information in the plugin’s settings page. Then you can add your own page and use one of the 3 available shortcodes: [my_terms_of_service_and_privacy_policy], [my_terms_of_service], and/or [my_privacy_policy]


    • Quick and easy setup in wp-admin -> Settings -> Auto TOS & PP
    • Just 3 simple shortcodes
    • No WP_DEBUG messages
    • Shortcode output is valid HTML 4.01 Strict and HTML 5 Experimental
    • Responsive plugin developer


    • This plugin generates output that is usable throughout your site via 3 shortcodes, such as in a Page that you manually create. It does NOT create this page for you and does not add any links to wherever you put one or more of these shortcodes (e.g. yoursite-dot-com/terms). Such functionality may be available in the future, possibly for a fee.
    • This plugin’s output is not translatable, as it is a legal document specific to the United States. However, if you want to create your own version, you may want to reference Legalmattic on Github.
    • This plugin utilizes Freemius. All data collected via Freemius will be available to both Freemius and this plugin’s author to be used in responsible ways. By opting-in to Freemius, you’ll help us learn how I can make this plugin better and possibly communicate with you regarding the plugin’s development.
    • This plugin will eventually offer paid add-ons. I have some ideas of what I think you will want and benefit from, but I’d really love to hear your ideas! (If shared with me, they become all mine without attribution or compensation required, so thanks in advance!)
    • This plugin and its author are not affiliated with or endorsed by Automattic Inc.

    Disclaimer: Clifford Paulick of is not an attorney. Additional disclaimer text within the plugin file(s).

    If you are a coder, you are welcome to view the plugin’s code and submit pull requests:

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