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    Artiss Social Bookmarks

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    If upgrading from a version before 3.2 and you have used your own bookmarks then you must move the folder from your theme folder to wp-content – see the FAQ for more details

    Social Bookmarks is an easy but powerful way to implement social bookmarking on your WordPress blog. The plugin will display a row of social bookmarking icons wherever you add its code – for an individual post and page or in a sidebar. They are split between bookmarking services and tools (e.g. printing, converting to PDF, etc).

    Key features include…

    • Links to over 270 social bookmarking networks – more than any other plugin!
    • Many non-English bookmarking sites are included – particularly Russian, Chinese and Japanese
    • No administration screens and no translation therefore required
    • Displays links to useful tools as well as social services
    • Style and alternative image options allow for various animation effects
    • Output can be cached to minimize impact to your website
    • Icons provided for all bookmarking services, but you can specify your own
    • Shortcode available for adding inline within a post or page
    • And much, much more!

    Technical specification…

    • Licensed under GPLv2 (or later)
    • Designed for both single and multi-site installations
    • PHP7 compatible
    • Fully internationalized, ready for translations. If you would like to add a translation to this plugin then please head to the Translating WordPress page

    Please visit the Github page for the latest code development, planned enhancements and known issues.

    Adding the function to your theme

    The code for Social Bookmarks should be added to your theme’s code, where required. In the case of posts this should be within “the loop”. Here is an example on use…

    <?php echo social_bookmarks( 'iconfolder=24x24', 'padding-left: 5px; padding-right: 5px' ); ?>

    There are 5 parameters in total that can be specified, but all are optional.

    The first parameter can contain a number of options, all of which are separated by an ampersand. These options are as follows…

    default= : This should be on, off or basic and defines which social bookmarks should display by default. on means all should display, off means none should be displayed and basic shows a basic few. Not specifying this sub-parameter will cause the basic set to be displayed.

    iconfolder= : If not specified, a default set of 16×16 pixel icons will be used. If, however, you’d like to use your own icons then you will need to add a sub-folder in wp-content and then use this parameter to specify the sub-folders name. In the above example, I am specifying a sub-folder named 24x24. Icons should all have a .PNG extension and the file names must match the bookmarking service name, as specified below. Bookmarking services are shown first and tools afterwards.

    priority= : Allows you to specify whether a bookmark link should be via AddThis (1), Shareaholic (2) or AddtoAny (3) (if a link via more than one is available). This is defined by providing a series of numbers representing the order of the services. So, a priority of 231 would be Shareaholic first, followed by AddToAny and then AddThis. The default priority is 123.

    nofollow= : By default, REL=NOFOLLOW will be added to all links. However, if this is specified as NO then this will be deactivated.

    target= : Allows you to specify a TARGET. By default this is not used.

    separator= : If you wish to display a separator image between the bookmark and icon lists then you must specify separator=Yes. An image named separator.png will then be displayed. If using your own folder for images then this image will be required as well.

    id= : If using the animation option (see the later section) then a unique ID must be specified for each set of social bookmarks on the screen. If there is only one set of bookmarks per post and page, then the best option is to pass the post ID via get_the_ID(). By default, no ID is specified so animation is turned off.

    cache= : This indicates how long, in hours, to cache the output. If nothing is specified, 24 hours is assumed. To switch off caching set this to false.

    There are also options for EACH of the social bookmarking services allowing you to specify whether they should be turned on or off. So, for example, to turn Digg off, you would specify digg=off.

    So, as a further example, if you ONLY wanted the Delicious and Digg bookmarks to appear, it would be best to specify the default as off and then turn Delicious and Digg on individually, like so…

    <?php echo social_bookmarks( 'default=off&delicious=on&digg=on' ); ?>

    The full list of social bookmark services are listed separately. However, the basic set of services are as follows…

    Delicious, Digg, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, reddit, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Email and Print Friendly (Print)

    The second parameter is a style definition which applies to the bookmark icons. This should, where possible, not be used in preference to using CSS definitions. Instead each element generated has a class of ssb so that it can be defined via your own stylesheet. The separator class is ssb_sep.

    The third parameter is the URL that you wish the social sites to bookmark. If left blank (and this is probably the default for most people) it will use the URL of the current post or page.

    The fourth parameter is where you can specify a shortened URL to bookmark (if you have one available). To maintain backward compatibility with previous version of this plugin, the URL must begin with “http” to be accepted. At the moment Twitter, Identica and Blip will be passed shortened URLs. If you think any other services should be included, please [ask in the forum]( “Forum”). If no short URL is specified then the post/page short link will be used – if this is not available then a short URL will not be used. Alternatively, set the short URL to No to prevent a short URL from being used at all.

    Finally, the fifth parameter is an optional title – if this is not specified the title of the current page or post is used.

    Using the shortcode

    If you wish to add social bookmarks directly into a post or page you can use the shortcode [bookmarks]. All the same parameters as the PHP function are available and are named url, shorturl, style, options and title.

    An example would be…

    [bookmarks options="iconfolder=24x24" style="padding-left: 5px; padding-right: 5px" url="”]<h3>Adding To Your Feed</h3>

    It’s possible to add the Social Bookmarks to your WordPress feed. Open up your functions.php file within your theme folder and add the following code…

    function insert_rss( $content ) {
        if ( ( is_feed() ) && ( function_exists ( 'social_bookmarks' ) ) ) {
            $content = $content . '<p>' . social_bookmarks( 'iconfolder=16x16', 'padding-left: 2px; padding-right: 2px' ) . '</p>';
        return $content;
    add_filter( 'the_content', 'insert_rss' );

    Obviously, you will need to modify the parameters that are passed to the Social Bookmarks plugin, to make it appropriate for yourself. In the above example you may notice that I’m using an alternative set of icons with a small padded space between them.


    A basic animation option is available and is switched on by providing a unique ID parameter (see earlier details).

    Once specified, hovering over a bookmark option will switch it from the standard icon to another with _hov on the end.

    For instance, hovering over twitter.png will switch the image to twitter_hov.png. When you move away, it will return to the original image. This extra image will need to exist in the same folder as the first.

    However, although basic, it can be used for all sorts of effects, such as black & white icons becoming colored when hovered over or icons that expand in size.

    Here is an example where I’m switching on the animation option by specifying a unique ID…

    <?php echo social_bookmarks( 'separator=Yes&id=' . get_the_ID(), 'padding-left: 2px; padding-right: 2px' ); ?>

    Animation can also be performed by modifying the stylesheet. The following example will cause the images to move up by 5 pixels whenever they are hovered over, in a similar way to the SexyBookmarks or Simple Social plugins.

    .ssb img, .ssb_sep {
        padding-top: 5px;
        padding-bottom: 0;
        padding-left: 5px;
        padding-right: 5px
    .ssb img:hover {
        padding-top: 0;
        padding-bottom: 5px;
    }<h3>Available Bookmarking Services</h3>

    Any of the following bookmarking service codes can be used…

    100zakladok, 7live7, a1webmarks, addthis, addtoany, adfty, adifni, allvoices, amazon_ca, amazon_de, amazon_fr, amazon_jp, amazon_uk, amazon_us, aollifestream, armenix, arto, azadegu, baang, baidu, balatarin, barrapunto, bebo, bibsonomy, biggerpockets, bitacoras, bland, blinklist, blip, blogger, bloggy, blogkeen, bloglines, blogmarks, blogpoint, blogtercimlap, blurpalicious, bobrdobr, bolt, bonzobox, bookmark_it, socialbookmarkingnet, bookmarks_fr, bookmarky_cz, boxdotnet, bryderi, businessweek, buzzurl, care2, choix, citeulike, comments, connotea, corank, cosmiq, current, dailyme, dealsplus, delicious, designbump, diaspora, digg, diggita, diggitsport, dihitt, diigo, dipdive, domelhor, dotnetkicks, douban, draugiem, dzone, edelight, efactor, ekudos, elefantapl, evernote, ezyspot, facebook, informazione, fark, faves, favoriten_de, fc2bookmark, flaker, folkd, formspring, thefreedictionary, fresqui, friendfeed, friendster, funp, gamekicker, ghidoo, givealink, globalgrind, govn, godudu, googlebookmarks, googlebuzz, reader, googleplus, grono, gwar, habergentr, hackernews, hadashhot, haohao, hatena, healthimize, hedgehogs, hellotxt, hotklix, hyves, icio, identica, igoogle, iwiw, jamespot, jappy, jolly, jumptags, kaboodle, kaixin, ketnooi, kledy, laaikit, ladenzeile, latafaneracat, linkninja, linkagogo, linkarena, linkedin, linkter, linkuj, livedoor, livejournal, mawindo, meinvz, mekusharim, memori, mendeley, meneame, messenger, misterwong, misterwong_de, mixx, moemesto, moikrug, mototagz, msdn, msnreporter, multiply, muti, mymailru, myaol, myhayastan, mylinkvault, myshare, myspace, n4g, netlog, netvibes, netvouz, newsing, newsmeback, newstrust, newsvine, niftyclip, ning, naszaklasa, nowpublic, nujij, odnoklassniki, oknotizie, oneview, orkut, pfbuzz, pingfm, pinterest, plaxo, plurk, pochvalcz, posterous, pratiba, preferate, proddit, pusha, quantcast, readitlater, readwriteweb, reddit, rediff, redkum, researchgate, scoopat, scoopit, scoopeo, sekoman, select2gether, shaveh, shetoldme, sinaweibo, skyrock, slashdot, smiru, socl, socialdust, sodahead, sonico, soupio, sphinn, sportpost, springpad, spurl, squidoo, startlap, strands, studivz, stumbleupon, stylehive, supr, svejo, swik, taaza, tagmarksde, tagvn, tagza, techmeme, technet, technorati, thinkfinity, thisnext, tuenti, tulinq, tumblr, tweetmeme, twitter, typepad, upnews, urlaubswerkde, viadeo, virb, visitezmonsite, vk, vkrugudruzei, vodpod, vybralisme, webmoneyru, webnews, webnews_de, wikio, wikio_fr, wikio_it, winlivespaces, windycitizen, wink, wists, wordpress, wykop, xanga, xing, yahoobookmarks, yahoobookmarks_jp, yahoobuzz, yahoomessenger, yandex, yardbarker, yemle, yigg, yuuby, zakladoknet, ziczac, zilei, zingme and zootool.

    In addition, the following tools can be specified….

    2tag, bookmark, aolmail, aviarycapture, bitly , cleanprint, clickyme, clipdo, curateus, domaintoolswhois, email, gmail , googletranslate, hootsuite, hotmail, instapaper, isgd, jmp, joliprint, kindleit, osxdashboard, page2rss, pdfmyurl, pdfonline, printfriendly, qrf_in, qrsrc, tidyread, tinyurl, toly, w3validator, windowsgadgets and yahoomail.

    Reviews & Mentions

    David Artiss brings version 3.0 of the Simple Social Bookmarks plugin” at WPCandy.

    “I think this is the best social plugin at this very moment, keep up your good job, and thanks for sharing.” – Miguel, a happy Social Bookmarks customer!

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