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    Admin Menus Fixed

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    What you need, where you need it – and when.

    For WordPress 3.8 to 4.7+ – Backward compatibile to WordPress 3.5 (see Other Notes)
    Works with: Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu 3.6+ and AG Custom Admin 1.2.5+

    Admin Menus Fixed Three Ways: As a companion to Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu AND/OR AG Custom Admin OR Standalone (WordPress 3.5-3.7)

    • New in v1.4 Now Responsive down to phone sizes. Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu header background automatically changes to high contrast when displayed on smaller screens.

    • New in v1.4 Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu Header Gradient now wraps when the header does; improving the look and readability!

    • Consolidates the WordPress Toolbar and Ozh’s menu and makes them both always readily available at the top of your window; no matter where you happen to be scrolled on a long page.

    • Incorporates HoverIntent to chill the Toolbar drop-down menu hair trigger, so now you can overshoot Ozh’ Menu without the Toolbar menu falsely stepping on it; causing you to move away until it closes, so that you can get to what you were going for. Way easier to work this way. Fast. Efficient.

    • Automatically adjusts to the WordPress Toolbar display state; whether disabled by Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu or AG Custom Admin.

    Standalone: (Depreciated) The WordPress Devs have taken a page from this plugin’s book, pulling the concept into core by fixed-positioning the Toolbar and Admin Menus in versions 3.8+, so the plugin code is shrinking. Kinda goes against the new direction of pulling code out of core and having plugins handle the function if you want/need it, but I’m glad that the concept has been adopted; because it was long overdue. The plugin is returning to its own core purpose, that of enhancing Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu, and I’m OK with that. – see Other Notes

    For the backstory and a comprehensive overview of how the plugin got its start, see the Fixed Admin Menus – The Plugin post series.

    See What Else We Do:

    Tested up to: 4.7.2Stable tag: 1.4

    License: GPLv2

    Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu + WordPress Toolbar & Admin Menu Fixed to the Top and Side of the Admin Screens. Less Scrolling!Standalone: (WordPress 3.5-3.7)

    • The WordPress Toolbar and standard Admin Menu along the left side are made fixed-position in both expanded and collapsed modes; eliminating a lot of scrolling.
    • See the Screenshots for all of the combinations.
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