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    Admin Branding and Tweaks

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    The plugin allows you to easily control some tweaks of the WordPress admin side and login screen.

    After activating the plugin a new menu item called “Agent Branding” will be added under the “Settings” menu.

    List of Features

    1. Change the login logo
    2. Change logo URL
    3. Change logo Alt text
    4. Change the login background
    5. Change the login Form Position (left/right/center)
    6. Change admin footer text
    7. Create a custom meta box on the dashboard
    8. Remove default admin metaboxes
    9. Remove Admin Bar
    10. Add a page creation metabox:
      This metabox allows easy creation of new pages in all custom post types
    11. Remove WordPress logo from admin bar:
      This will remove the WordPress logo from the admin top bar
    12. Add SVG support to media upload:
      This will enable you to upload and use SVG’s using the native media uploader
    13. Add the “Perfect Body Class”:
      This will add a body class to your website based on different browsers. supports: Opera, firefox, Gecko, Safari, Chrome, NS4, IE with versions.
    14. Remove Update Notifications:
      This will remove the nagging updae notifications for everyone exept Admin
    15. Show posts / pages etc IDs.
    16. Remove WordPress version from admin footer

    Colors and Theming

    1. Change Menu Background:
      Main background color for the admin menu items
    2. Hover Text Color:
      Main color for the text in menu items
    3. Option to use the “Slate” theme:
      change the admin theme completely, this will overwrite the previous selected colors
    4. Choose a google font for the admin interface
    5. Checkbox to use or not the google fonts
    6. Custom CSS Area

    Coming Soon
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