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    WP Post to PDF Enhanced

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    WP Post to PDF Enhanced is based on the original WP post to PDF. It renders posts & pages as downloadable PDFs for archiving and/or printing.
    Configuration options are available for the presentation and placement of the PDF link/icon in the article, custom header image, included/excluded posts/pages, fonts for various sections (header, footer, article, etc.), caching of previously-rendered PDFs, and much more.
    It is possible to limit access to PDFs to registered users or present the link/icon to all visitors.
    WP Post to PDF Enhanced is completely self-contained, and does not rely on any third party to render PDFs; does not require any additional plugins, either.
    For detailed documentation visit [the support page] .

    Upgrading from versions before 1.1.0

    1. Make a note of all of your current settings, as they may not be preserved.
    2. If possible, export the wpptopdfenh options from the wp_options table in the database. This is the best way to preserve your existing settings.
    3. Deactivate the existing plugin.
    4. Delete the existing plugin.
    5. Install the new version.
    6. Activate the plugin.
    7. Go to Settings | WP Post to PDF Enhanced and verify/re-enter your settings from the previous version.
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