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    WP No External Links

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    WP No External Links converts external links to internal links. Featuring Full Page or Targeted Content Filtering, Custom Redirect Page/Message, Encoded Masks, External Link Click Logging, Individual Link Exclusion, Post/Page Specific Exclusion, and many more…


    Links like “” will be masked into“.


    WP No External Links may conflict with cache plugins.
    Usually adding the redirect page to the caching plugin exclusions works fine, but there are no guarantees.
    Create a support topic if you need assistance resolving a caching issue.
    Please provide as much detail as possible, for example, what version of WordPress & PHP you are using. Which caching plugin you are using. The more information you include the better.


    WP No External Links is designed for specialists who sell different kinds of advertisements on their web site and care about the number of outgoing links that can be found by search engines. Now you can make all external links internal.

    How To Use

    Just do everything like you would normally, and as long as the plugin is active, external links will be automatically masked.

    Custom Parser

    We do not recommend using this feature! – Future updates may break your custom parser, we would recommend submitting a feature request instead.
    Due to a recent update, any existing custom parsers will need to be updated to fit with the new code base. (Please see FAQs below for more details)
    Limited support will be provided for any custom parser issues.

    Recommended Settings

    The default settings that are used on a fresh install of the plugin are what we recommend.


    Need help with anything? Please create a support topic.
    Please provide as much detail as possible, for example, what version of WordPress & PHP you are using. Examples of links that do not work. If you are using a caching plugin, please specify which one. The more information you include the better.

    Feature Request

    Want a feature added to this plugin? Create a support topic.
    We are always looking to add features to improve our plugin.


    We apologize that the latest version has changed so much that existing localizations no longer work.
    If you would like to contribute to the translations please get in touch.


    WP No External Links does not make any changes to your database, it just processes the output. So you will not see these changes within the WYSIWYG editor.

    System Requirements

    • WordPress 3.5+
    • PHP 5.3+

    Known Issues

    • Localization is no longer working.
    • Mask links in RSS comments does not always work.
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    Published9 years ago

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