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    The simple concept behind WP-FB AutoConnect is to offer an easy-to-use widget that lets readers login to your blog with either their Facebook account or local WordPress credentials. Although many “Facebook Connect” plugins do exist, most of them are either overly complex and difficult to customize, or fail to provide a seamless experience for new visitors. I wrote this plugin to provide what the others didn’t:

    • Full support for both WordPress and Buddypress.
    • No user interaction is required – the login process is transparent to new and returning users alike.
    • Existing users who connect with FB retain the same local user accounts as before (matched via e-mail).
    • New visitors will be given new user accounts, which can be retained even if you remove the plugin.
    • Facebook profile pictures can be used as avatars.
    • No contact with the Facebook API after the login completes – so no slow pageloads.
    • No 3rd party services: your site talks directly to Facebook, through an app created and owned by you.
    • Won’t bloat your database with duplicate user accounts, extra fields, or unnecessary complications.
    • Custom logging options can notify you whenever someone connects with Facebook.
    • A powerful set of hooks and filters allow developers to easily tailor the login process to their personal needs: redirect to a custom page, fill xProfile data with information from Facebook, setup permissions based on social connections, and more.
    • Fully HTML/CSS valid.

    Premium Addon

    In addition to the free features listed above, I also offer a Premium addon to provide some more advanced functionality. The following is an abbreviated list of Premium features; a more complete list, along with details on each item, is available on the plugin homepage:

    • Multisite Support
    • Shortcode Support
    • Image-based/styleable login buttons
    • Cache Facebook avatars to your local server
    • Allow users to manually associate/disassociate their existing accounts with Facebook
    • Automatically populate BuddyPress X-Profiles with information from Facebook
    • Announce Facebook logins to the BuddyPress Activity Stream
    • Show an AJAX spinner to indicate login-in-progress
    • Add a Facebook button to the comment form, login form, registration form, and WPMU signup form
    • Customize the redirect URL for first-time visitors, returning visitors, and logged-out visitors
    • Restrict autoregistration to Facebook friends, Facebook fans, explicitly invited users, everyone, or no one
    • Send a customizable welcome mail to autoregistered users
    • Customize the role assigned to autoregistered users
    • Show/Hide/Customize the Widget’s links, checkboxes, and textfields. Show the logged-in user’s avatar in the Widget.
    • Priority support
    • …And more


    Please direct all support requests here

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