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    WordPress Ad Widget

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    This is the easiest way to place ads in your WordPress site. Just drag a widget
    to the sidebar, upload, an ad, and save.

    Watch a short video demo:

    • Extremely intuitive for beginners
    • No clunky ad management interface
    • Easily place image banner ads
    • Easily place Google ad tags and other ad code

    If you like Ad Widget and you’re selling ads, you might like our new ad formats for publishers
    and salespeople

    You will not find an easier way to run ads on your website!


    Watch a short video demo:


    The Ad Widget is a very simple plugin. If you are having trouble
    loading ads on your site, please make sure that:

    • You do not have an ad blocker installed (you would be amazed how often this happens). Disable it and refresh the page a few times to see if the ad appears.
    • You don’t have CSS in your theme which is hiding images (rare, but it happens)

    If you have any other trouble, email – try to avoid
    the WordPress support forums because they’re awful.

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