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    Welcome to the WebEmailProtector plugin for WordPress. This is the latest version, improved for more seemless integration for standard (http) and secured (https) sites. Tested with WordPress version 4.8.1, WP’s most recent TwentySeventeen Theme and SocialIcons menus. With 100% satisfaction amongst its 10,000 or so and growing user base we hope you like it too – but please review and leave your comments!

    Using WebEmailProtector you can list your email addresses on your website and hide them from being scraped and harvested with confidence. This is the strongest email obfuscator available, plugin or otherwise,
    and likely the only one that actually works. All others use Javascript “encoders” to try to hide your email. But both emails and encoder methods are given away by the web page. Ours works a different way. So stop spammers, virus attacks and ID theft perpetrators at source and keep your address private. Simple to use and fully supported.

    As a start why not check how secure your existing pages are using our email finder tool at

    So why do we believe that WebEmailProtector is the best? Simple: we use secure server-side authentication with heuristics.
    In layman’s terms this means that both your email address and the decoder is stored on our server not on your website. Because of this we can protect its release by looking at who and what is requesting it, but it does mean that you must register your address with us to use it.
    Genuine users are still able to easily contact you via your existing email, seamlessly, but harvesters are stopped in their tracks.

    So once the plugin is installed, you’ve register your existing emails at and you complete the simple set-up procedure through the
    settings menu of the plugin, you can place your email address(es) anywhere on your WordPress site and the rest is taken care of. Each link will then appear to work
    exactly like a regular email link. Any visitor can simply click on your email to send you a message using their favourite email tool. However with
    our service there is a difference: since your address is no longer contained in the link itself, it is safe from being harvested and misused.
    In-fact we believe that it is so secure that you can do away with cumbersome Contact Forms and Captchas completely.


    • This plugin is provided FREE to administrate the WebEmailProtector service on your WordPress pages for your convenience.
    • Access to the associated WebEmailProtector service itself is offered FREE for a trial period of 1 month, and no payment details are required.
    • At the end of the trial, the service remains FREE for non-commercial sites (schools, charities, religious institutions, personal blogs etc).
    • For commercial sites we ask for a modest annual subscription at the end of the trial.
    • Visit for more details regarding definitions and subscription pricing options.

    What does it do?

    WebEmailProtector detects who and what is trying to access the email link on your site, and then uses various mechanisms to determine if
    this request is being made by a bona-fide user. Once a user tries to access your email, your web site automatically contacts
    our server on which a heuristic validation process is run. We then only return your secured email address if certain criteria are met
    and others not broken. It all happens in the blink of an eye and does not noticeably slow down the email experience. And just in case you
    were wondering, we do not see or track the email itself, we only authorise the release of your address so your privacy is protected.

    How do you use it?

    After installing the plugin, register your addresses at and just follow the remaining instructions on the
    WebEmailProtector settings menu of WordPress.


    • HTML4/5 compliant is compatible with all known browsers/devices including:
    • Browsers: Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox & Opera
    • Platform: Windows, Linux, Apple iOS & Android
    • Devices: PC, Tablets & Phones including: Blackberry, Apple iPad iPhone
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