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    WC Marketplace

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    Build a WooCommerce multivendor marketplace that is compatible with most WooCommerce payment gateways. Use the best WooCommerce marketplace software to create your dream marketplace. Whether it’s a virtual eCommerce or a booking or a Rental marketplace, MultiVendorX is your best option!! This free WordPress plugin equips you with the best features to create any marketplace. So, create a website like Amazon, Etsy, or Airbnb without dropping a sweat.

    Try Our Demo | Support | Features | Pro | Videos

    Try us because we provide:

    • Free Software that requires no codes to start with
    • Regular Updates for security fixes and better user experience
    • A fabulous Support Team

    Marketplaces You Can Set Up with MultiVendorX *:

    Why choose the MultiVendorX software solution?

    πŸ› οΈ Free Tools for Marketplace Beginners – MultiVendorX presents you with a range of WooCommerce marketplace friendly tools that can help you operate any kind of marketplace, be it an all-in-one marketplace like Amazon or a niche marketplace like Etsy.

    πŸš€ Easy Startup Guide – MultiVendorX plugin provides you with an Easy Setup Wizard, which will help you get started in no time

    πŸ“ Simple Application Process – Do away with all the complicated processes involved in creating a personalised registration form as MultiVendorX provides you with a customisable registration form. With this registration form, you can add, remove or change the query details anyway you like.

    πŸ“Š Personalised Dashboard – MultiVendorX offers a user friendly dashboard for vendors to manage tasks easily. Customize it into a **sales, report, or management dashboard **.

    πŸ’° Adjustable Commission plans – Add more to your revenue, by adopting the flexible commission plans only MultiVendorX can provide. The commission structure set by us is created in such a way that you can add various commission rates, charge any commission fee and calculate commissions based on multiple commission types. This woocommerce marketplace plugin is packed with features that lead to a stress-free commission management.

    πŸ›’ Marketplace for everything – With MultiVendorX, choose from various product options to create any type of product you desire. Whether it’s Digital or downloadable products like e-books and movies, you can create a site like Sellfy or E-Junkie., like those on Oyo, Craigslist, ShareAsale and Cratejoy, MultiVendorX makes it easy.

    πŸ›οΈ Trustworthy Vendor/ Seller Manager – With MultiVendorX, managing vendors is effortless. Access a vendor list with detailed information and use filters to refine your search. Customize your vendor database to monitor and manage vendors right from your dashboard.

    πŸ“¦ Product Manager – This WooCommerce marketplace plugin helps your turn your simple store in a product multi vendor market by providing you with essential management tools. With the tools, provided vendors can freely list products, export and import product details and continue with the bulk product uploads.

    πŸ‘₯ Multiple vendors that sell the same product – While there are numerous advantages to an online marketplace, nothing beats the physical market. To bridge this gap between virtual and brick-and-mortar models MultiVendorX offers the Single Product Multiple Vendors features. And what makes this feature amazing is that it lets customers know which product they and at what price from the list of product sellers given.

    πŸ’Ό In-built Order Manager – This multi-vendor WordPress tool helps you manage your orders with ease using key features like Order lists, Order Details, and Order Status Manager. Apart from these other tools like the Split Order module, Order notes and Order Mails are a definite gain that is sure to make managing orders a pleasing experience for you. Read here to learn more about MultiVendorX Order Manager.

    πŸ” Refund Manager – MultiVendorX offers refund management software, empowering you to set refund options tailored to product refund statuses, giving you maximum control.

    🎟️ Create Coupons – Increase your website traffic with an enhanced coupon management system provided by MultiVendorX. With this coupon manager vendors can set coupon codes, create discount codes and promo codes and renew old coupon codes. To know more about the MultiVendorX coupon manager and how it is different from others read here.

    πŸ’³ Multiple Payment Methods – MultiVendorX offers an impressive range of payment options like PayPal, MassPay, Direct Bank Transfer and Stripe. Along with this MultiVendorX can integrate any compatible WooCommerce payment gateway option of your choice. With all the eCommerce payment gateways offered by MultiVendorX, the payment process becomes seamless. To learn more about MultiVendorX Payments follow this document.

    🚚 Flexible Shipping – Make managing shipping more effective and efficient with the MultiVendorX plugin, as we provide you with the option of vendor shipping. This woocommerce marketplace plugin lets Vendors can charge various shipping rates based on weight, country, or product category. Vendors also get the shipping tracking option, to track the status of a delivery.

    🀝 Trustworthy Customers Support – MultiVendorX knows how much you treasure your customers which is why we offer your customer support tools like Vendor Reviews, Product Question and Answers, Store Support that will help you support your customers and create trust in them.

    🌐 Social Marketplace – MultiVendorX supports creating a marketplace similar to Facebook marketplace. Utilize social media for communication and sales. With compatibility with BBPress or BuddyPress Compatible,, connect with consumers, customers, vendors, and associates seamlessly. **Discover the flexibility of this WooCommerce marketplace plugin! **

    πŸ”€ Easy Migration Support – MultiVendorX encourages its customers to sample everything before they invest into our plugin for a long term. Which is why users who wish to switch from Dokan, WCFM or WC Vendors can now happily convert into a MultiVendorXian, without the fear of losing precious data. The seamless migration tool effortlessly transfers data from Dokan or any other WooCommerce-compatible marketplace plugin to multiVendorX

    🌍 ** Multiple Language Support** – With the latest addition of the WPML integration vendors can now organize their product data in various languages.

    πŸ— Elementor Compatibility – MultiVendorX’s Elementor compatibility brings an easy page builder feature. Vendors can effortlessly create shop pages by dragging and dropping elements.

    πŸ” Follow Store – Another latest innovation from MultiVendorX is the follow Store feature that let’s customers be posted with store updates of their choice.

    πŸ”” Notification Tools – You can find other management tools with MultiVendorX like Announcements, Workboards, and Knowledgebase. These tools are unique to only the MultiVendorX plugin.

    Taste Victory with Advanced Features

    Competition requires having the right toolkit. To keep you ahead of your competitors, we bring to you a list of affordable and upgraded features with MultiVendorX Pro.

    🎨 Customizable Vendor Shop – Vendors can create and customise any kind of virtual store like a baseball shop, a shoe-repair shop, ski shop and others to customers by using our store management dashboard. To help vendors customize their vendor shops, we provide them with tools like Store Logo, Store Banner, Store location, and Social media links.

    βš™οΈ Advanced Product Features – MultiVendorX shares one goal that is to provide its users with any kind of marketplace they desire. To fulfil this goal, MultiVendorX presents a premium modules like Various Product Types. With this add-on, vendors can upload any type of product like bookings, rental, accommodation, auction, subscription, and many more. They can also export-import products, create product add-ons and many more. To know more about MultiVendorX Pro read here.

    πŸ“‹ Customizable Membership PlanMembership model businesses have flourished quite well. You can now create membership packages like Free membership, trial membership or paid membership package using our MultiVendorX Vendor membership. Here you can decide the membership fee, adjust price rates and create membership benefits and plans to your desire.

    πŸ“¦ Advanced Product Catalogue – With WooCommerce Quote & Product Catalog Enquiry, you can create a catalog that allows customers to view your products. But what makes this added feature even more unique is the inquiry cart option, which lets customers inquire about multiple products all at the same time. To make this feature sound more useful, you can create a catalog list showcasing all your products along with the add-to-cart option.

    πŸ“ˆ Advanced Analytics- Allow your vendors to grow further with advanced features like Store SEO that gives them the power of Google Analytics for actionable and accurate data. Along with this, our plugin is compatible with some of the best SEO plugins like Yoast and Rank Math, which is assured to increase your SERP Ranking.

    πŸ›’ Store Inventory – Business stability can sometimes depend on proper inventory control. MultiVendorX provides you with inventory software that helps you keep track of your inventory, set a low stock limit and manage inventory entries when and how required.

    πŸ•’ Buisness Hours and Vacation – MultiVendorX’s dual-purpose business hours and vacation pro module is perfect for your business, allowing vendors to take breaks as needed. The vacation module uses a vacation calendar that works as a tracker, notifying admins of vendor off days. Business hours allow a vendor to display a shop hours widget that displays the opening and closing times of a shop.

    πŸ“œ Invoice & Packaging Slip ** – MultiVendorX provides vendors with a personalized invoice management software that lets them send invoices to their customers. Using this add-on invoices can be automatically generated and sent to the respective user. In addition to this vendors can choose their desired **vendor template to create their invoice.

    πŸ‘©β€πŸ’Ό Staff Manager – Unburden your vendors with perfect staff management software that helps them hire innumerable members of staff, manage staff responsibilities and track staff workers.

    Marketplaces You Can Set Up with MultiVendorX

    • Local Online Marketplace like ebay, Rakuten, AliExpress
    • Retail Marketplace like Amazon, Flipkart
    • Niche Marketplace like Myntra, Nykaa
    • Booking marketplace like Oyo, Airbnb, MakeMy Trip
    • Rental Marketplace like Craigslist, Yo!Rent
    • Subscription Marketplace like Cratejoy, OwlCrate
    • Marketplace like Esty
    • Marketplace like Amazon
    • Marketplace like Flipkart

    Note: MultiVendorX does not set an e-commerce platform, but it converts an e-commerce platform into a marketplace.

    MultiVendorX List of Free and Advanced Features

    • Hassle-free Migration Support (New)

    • Elementor Compatibility (New)

    • WPML multi-language support (New)

    • MultiVendorX Follow Store (New)

    • Easy Setup Guide

      • Admin Setup Wizard
      • Vendor Setup Wizard
    • Swift Application

      • Customizable Vendors Registration Form
    • Managing Multiple Vendors on a Multi-Vendor Site

    • Powerful Product Tools

      • Effortlessly upload product
      • Product GTINs
      • Bulk Product Upload
      • Product import-export (Pro)
    • Multiple Product Type Support

      • Simple Product
      • Downloadable Product
      • Virtual Product
      • Variable Product (Pro)
      • Grouped Product (Pro)
      • Affiliate Product (Pro)**
      • Bookings (Pro)**
      • Rental (Pro)**
      • Accommodation(Pro)**
      • Subscription (Pro)
      • Bundled (Pro)
    • Stress-free Order Manager

      • Order Lists
      • Order Status list
      • Track Order
    • Manage Inventory with MultiVendorX Stock Alert

    • Suitable Payment Gateway

    • Flexible Shipping

      • Weight-Based Shipping
      • Product Based Shipping
      • Print Shipping Label
      • Shipping Tracking
    • Diverse Commission and Commission Types

    • Multiple Reports

      • Sales
      • Product
      • Vendor
      • Earnings
      • Category (Pro)
      • Tax (Pro)
      • Downloads Report (Pro)
    • Advanced Product Catalogue

      • Product Catalogue (Pro)
      • Product inquiry(Pro)
    • Personalized Invoice

      • Auto-Generated Invoice (Pro)
      • PDF and Packaging Slip Download(Pro)
      • Fully Customisable(Pro)
    • SEO and Google Analytics

      • Track Google Analytics data (Pro)
      • Yoast Compatible (Pro)
      • Customizable Open-graph Messages (Pro)
    • Vendor Shop hours

      • Shop’s Business hours(Pro)
      • Vendor Holiday Calendar]
      • Vacation Messages(Pro)
    • Individual Seller Dashboard

      • Product Manager
      • Order Manager
      • Coupon Manager
      • Reports Manager
      • Payment Manager
    • Vendor Staff

      • Manage Staff (Pro)
      • Assign Tasks(Pro)
      • Track Staff Members(Pro)

    Words of Trust

    β€œPlugin works as promised and the customer service rocks.” ~ Fredo Lopez

    β€œThe plugin is really awesome. Almost all the important things are free to use! And the support within the forum is very great. Anyway for free support. I think it’s out of the ordinary that for something you don’t pay anything to receive source code which you just can copy/paste and if there are issues you will get further help.” ~ Itunes1995

    β€œ100% recommendable! Amazing plugin, it works perfectly as it is described and it is compatible 100% with woocommerce plugin. The Support is also great, always keen to help you with any issue you have and in a short time. So, I can only say thanks to all the MultiVendorX team and congratulations for your plugin.” ~ Axelte

    To know more on what we learnt from our customer read this blog

    Popular Blogs

    Confused about how to get started? Read our Blogs one-commerce best practices, Multivendor Shops, how to increase your website traffic and many more. These blogs are powerful, inspirational and detailed enough to educate on anything marketplace.

    Stay Connected

    Stay connected with MultiVendorX and reap benefits like –

    Quick Setup QuickStart – Setting up a Marketplace has now become more comfortable with our easy to follow Setup Wizard.

    We Keep Our Ears Open – MultiVendorX is open to new ideas and suggestions as we look forward to the little tit-bits provided by you.

    Fixing Common Errors – With MultiVendorX, you can expect to see constant improvement as we try to fix our mistakes as soon as it occurs.

    Frequently Asked Questions – MultiVendorX team is happy to answer any queries you have so expect to receive answers for most of your queries here.

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