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    Thanks for using VoucherPress. It’s great to see so many people creating vouchers for all kinds of business. From pizza joints to jewellers, cleaning companies to sports clubs – you’ve created thousands of vouchers, and I’m really proud to have created something which has been useful to so many people.

    As I work on the next version of VoucherPress it would be really helpful if you could fill in this short survey. Many thanks for your time.

    Have you ever wanted to give away vouchers, tickets, coupons or tokens on your website? If so this plugin is for you. You can create a voucher with whatever text you want, choosing the layout and font from a range of templates (you can also add your own templates). Vouchers can then be viewed, downloaded and printed from a specified URL.

    There are shortcodes to add a link to a particular voucher, to show an unordered list of all your vouchers, or to show the registration for to request a restricted voucher.

    You can require visitors to provide their name and email address to get a voucher. If an email address is required an email is sent to the address with a link to the voucher URL. Each voucher has a unique code, and vouchers that have an email address associated with them can only be used once, so once a registration-required voucher is downloaded it can’t be downloaded again.


    From version 1.1.2 the plugin also offers a selection of hooks which you can use to run your own custom code. The hooks are:


    When a voucher is created, this hook returns the properties of the voucher. You can use it like this:

    add_action( ‘voucherpress_create’, ‘my_voucherpress_create_function’ );
    function my_voucherpress_create_function( $id, $name, $text, $description, $template, $require_email, $limit, $startdate, $expiry ) {
    // do something here…


    When a voucher is edited, this hook returns the properties of the voucher. You can use it like this:

    add_action( ‘voucherpress_edit’, ‘my_voucherpress_edit_function’ );
    function my_voucherpress_edit_function( $id, $name, $text, $description, $template, $require_email, $limit, $startdate, $expiry ) {
    // do something here…


    When someone registers to download a voucher and an email is sent to them, this hook returns the voucher and the users details. You can use it like this:

    add_action( ‘voucherpress_register’, ‘my_voucherpress_register_function’ );
    function my_voucherpress_register_function( $voucher_id, $voucher_name, $user_email, $user_name ) {
    // do something here…


    When someone downloads a voucher, this hook returns the voucher and the users details. You can use it like this:

    add_action( ‘voucherpress_download’, ‘my_voucherpress_download_function’ );
    function my_voucherpress_download_function( $voucher_id, $voucher_name, $code ) {
    // do something here…

    The plugin also makes use of the __() function to allow for easy translation.

    Thanks to Christian Serron ( for the code to make the vouchers work in widgets (currently disabled, I’m working on this) and to Barry ( for bug testing above and beyond the call of duty.


    There are four shortcodes available. The first shows a link to a particular voucher, and is in the format:

    [voucher id=”123″]

    The “id” parameter is the unique ID of the voucher. The correct ID to use is available in the screen where you edit the voucher.

    You can also how the description after the link:

    [voucher id=”123″ description=”true”]

    The second shows a link to a voucher, but with a preview of the voucher (just the background image, no text) and the voucher name as the image alternate text:

    [voucher id=”123″ preview=”true”]

    And you can show the description after the preview as well:

    [voucher id=”123″ preview=”true” description=”true”]

    You can also show an unordered list of all your live vouchers using this shortcode:


    And a list of all live vouchers with their descriptions:

    [voucherlist description=”true”]

    And you can also show the form for people to enter their name and email address if they wish to register for a restricted voucher:

    [voucherform id=”123″]

    The shortcodes for any voucher can be found on the edit screen for that voucher. Just click the ‘Shortcodes’ button.

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