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    Vidrack Video Capture

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    We just released the Pro Version! Please check it out.

    Your biggest fans can record and submit videos on your website.

    Our video recorder will allow you to put a video record button anywhere on your website. Whenever
    someone clicks the record button it will activate a webcam or mobile camera. Site visitors can
    record any type of fan videos, crowdsourced videos or user generated videos. These could be video
    testimonials, video interviews, video contests, video auditions, video reviews, video feedback,
    YouTube fan videos and much more.

    • Video submissions are collected privately.
    • Video submissions are accessed in your websites WordPress Admin Panel.
    • You can download the original video files from your dashboard.
    • Videos can be shared on social media, YouTube or used internally.

    For large commercial campaigns, enterprise or customization of our product please go to Vidrack

    For more information, please check out the User Guide or
    contact us. Troubleshooting at (

    Using Vidrack

    Install Vidrack Video Recorder as you would any other plugin.

    Just add one of the following shortcodes to a page or post:
    [vidrack align=”left”]
    [vidrack align=”right”]
    [vidrack align=”center”]
    or just

    All your fans have to do is click on the “video record” button and the video recorder will open
    their webcam or mobile camera.

    Its important to put clear instructions to your website visitors on what kind of video you want
    them to record. If your page doesn’t specify what you want from people then no one will record

    3rd Party Integration

    Use ext_id parameter, which is passed all the way to the DB:
    [vidrack ext_id=”123″]

    Use JavaScript Callback Function option to send custom callbacks. For example,
    if you enter test_func, then plugin calls test_func(filename, ip, ext_id) upon
    successful video upload.

    Downloading Videos

    Downloading videos is quick and easy.

    Simply login into your admin area of your WordPress site. Click on the tab in the left hand menu,
    called ‘Vidrack’. This is where you will access your videos. On this page you see a list of all the
    videos that have been submitted to you. Depending on your browser you can either click on the link
    to download the video or right click on the link to download it. Once you have downloaded the video
    you can delete the video, off the server, by clicking the box next to the link and clicking the
    delete button on the bottom.

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