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    Social Gallery Lite

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    The Ultimate Social Lightbox Plugin for WordPress

    That’s right – you can now get a Lite version of the best-selling Social Gallery for Free!
    It’s not quite as feature packed as Social Gallery Pro but it’s still kick ass. If you are looking to test out Social Gallery or your on a small (or zero) budget you can get a copy here, just click the red “Download Version 2.3” button above.

    Epicplugins has acquired the Social Gallery suite of plugins and is driving forward the development. We have some Epic New Themes available Check them out

    If you have any issues with the plugin please visit the support website Social Gallery Pro

    Social Gallery Pro has been released with a load of new features

    Along with our usual powerful

    Killer features of Social Gallery Lite

    • The Ultimate Social Lightbox
    • Facebook-style image viewing
    • Super Easy Install Wizard
    • Works with posts, pages, widgets and theme’s
    • Facebook Likes for blog images
    • Facebook Comments for blog images
    • Light weight Javascript
    • Multiple browser’s supported
    • IE 7+, IE10, Safari 3+, iOS Safari, Chrome 3+, Firefox 3+, Opera 10+
    • 5 Preset Compatibility “Modes”
    • It’s Free!

    55,000+ Blogs running Social Gallery!

    • Over 53,000 downloads of Social Gallery Lite
    • Over 3,900 copies sold of Social Gallery Pro
    • Thanks to all of you awesome users!
    • Please do rate the plugin 🙂

    Social Gallery is the original Social Lightbox for WordPress. In this Lite version you get a usable Social Lightbox which is the product of many hours development – v2.0 represents hundreds of tweaks, fixes and improvements, handfuls of new features have been added to the premium v2.0 and this has made for a better “Lite” version too. While this version doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the pro version it is still very usable! You don’t ever have to upgrade, but you can any time you want here and you can see the benefits here.

    With Social Gallery your blog images are social, your visitors can use a familiar “facebook style” lightbox to view, like, comment & share your images. Social Gallery gets your blog more traffic and more engagement as well as offering a fantastic clean & poweful lightbox to boot.

    Customer Reviews (from Social Gallery Pro)

    I’m very happy with the plugin. I think its genius

    Heather Wood, Ravenous Raven Design

    It worked perfectly! It’s amazing plugin! Congratulations!

    João Paulo Pereira

    That plugin is so f***ing goooood:-)


    Already voted 5 stars man, love this plugin!

    Marco La Ferla

    Best Gallery Share Plugin around!

    Arnold Dirst

    Read many more customer reviews

    NextGen and Justified Image Grid Compatible?

    Note: While out-of-the-box compatibility for NextGen Gallery & Justified Image Grid plugin is not included with Social Gallery Lite it is possible to integrate Social Gallery Lite with these gallery plugins.
    There is guides here and here but these are for the pro version. To use Social Gallery Lite & NextGen/Justified Image Grid you will need to use the “Specific CSS Selector” setting and write your own CSS selector (there’s a brief guide here.)

    See more compatible plugins & themes
    Get Pro Now for Easy Compatibility

    Upgrading to Social Gallery Pro

    It’s quick and painless to get Social Gallery Pro (if you want to upgrade from Lite.) Simply Get Social Gallery on CodeCanyon and install your new plugin! You can then choose from many more settings & features and enjoy the benefits of the premium version such as more compatibility options, adsense integration, CSS3 animations and much more.

    Like Social Gallery Lite?

    Please do drop us a review here or buy Social Gallery Pro ($25 on

    Follow Social Gallery

    You can follow us if you’d like regular updates or news of cool new additions! Social Gallery is on facebook and twitter!

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