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    It’s like having your own custom service

    You’ve probably seen major corporations with short URLs utilizing a domain that’s shorter than their main domain, but still reflects their brand. Shortn.It allows you to achieve the same effect with your brand, no matter how large or small. All you need is Shortn.It, WordPress (2.5+), and if you want, a short domain configured as an alias. If you’re not sure how to configure an alias domain, a guide can be found in the help and documentation.

    Shortn.It is a customizable, URL shortener that allows you to create shortened, unique, permalinks to any and every post imaginable. If you can post it, you can create a short link for it. Shortn.It automatically creates a short URL using a combination of lowercase, uppercase, and numeric characters (depending on the options you’ve set), but can be customized to be whatever URL safe string you wish.

    Shortn.It adds the appropriate tags for shorturl auto discovery and rel=”shortlink” as desired.

    Shortn.It provides easy functions for accessing it’s generated URLs outside of Shortn.It, in your themes, or other plugins. The the_full_shortn_url will output just the full URL, without any formatting, which can be used in various Twitter or other microblogging plugins. the_shortn_url_link will output an HTML link using the configuration from Shortn.It’s options page.

    Available Template Tags

    • the_shortn_url_link() outputs an anchor (a) tag, ex: <a href="" class="shortn_it" rel="nofollow" title="shortened permalink for this page"></a>
    • get_the_shortn_url_link() retrieves the above anchor for storage in a variable
    • the_full_shortn_url() outputs the short URL, ex:
    • get_the_full_shortn_url() retrieves the above URL for storage in a variable
    • the_shortn_url() outputs the short URL without the domain, ex: shortn-it
    • get_the_shortn_url() retrieves the above URL for storage in a variable

    Docs & Support

    You can find help and documentation and more detailed information about Shortn.It on If you were unable to find the answer to your question on the FAQ or in any of the documentation, you should check the support forum on If you can’t locate any topics that pertain to your particular issue, post a new topic for it.

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