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    SB Welcome Email Editor

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    I thought that the WordPress Welcome Email to both the Admin and the User were very un-user friendly so I wrote this plugin to allow admin members to change the content and headers.

    It simply adds a new admin page that has a few options for the welcome email and gives you a list of hooks to use in the text to make the email a little more personal.

    Added support whereby the admin notification can be turned off or a different admin (or admins, support for multiple recipients) can be notified. Plenty of hooks to make the emails as customisable as possible.

    A reminder email service has now been added whereby the admin user can send a reminder to any particular user. This can be the original welcome email or a separate template configured on the Welcome Email Editor settings page.

    Please email me or use the support forum if you have ideas for extending it or find any issues and I will be back to you as soon as possible.

    I would recommend the use of an SMTP service with any WordPress plugin. A large amount of emails fall needlessly into Spam bins across the world (I get a fair amount of comment approval spam to deal with) because the WordPress site uses Sendmail to deliver email. I noticed an immediate improvement when using SMTP to send. It’s really easy so there’s no excuse 🙂


    You can also get and contribute to SB Welcome Email Editor on GitHub.


    I am looking for people to translate the plugin. The plugin is PO/MO file compatible and the first translation was added at the end of 2015. Please email me if you are interested in helping out. My email is sean.barton [ at ]

    Current translations

    • English
    • Italian
    • French
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