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    Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnails

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    List the most recent posts with post titles, thumbnails, excerpts, authors, categories, dates and more!

    Although the plugin is built only for widget areas users reported that it works in Elementor and works in Oxygen. Whether it runs in other page builders is unknown. Please let me know in which page builder you were able to use the plugin successfully.

    The plugin does not collect any personal data, so it is ready for EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.

    Lightweight, simple and effective

    No huge widget with hundreds of options. This plugin is based on the well-known WordPress default widget ‘Recent Posts’ and extended to display more informations about the posts like e.g. thumbnails, excerpts and assigned categories. And it provides more options to build custom-taylored posts lists.

    The thumbnails will be built from the featured image of a post or of the first image in the post content. If there is neither a featured image nor a content image then you can define a default thumbnail.

    You can set the width and heigth of the thumbnails in the list. The thumbnails appear left-aligned to the post titles in left-to-right languages. In right-to-left languages they appear right-aligned.

    What users wrote

    What users filmed

    Some users published video tutorials on YouTube:

    Options you can set

    1. Title of the widget
    2. Number of listed posts
    3. Open post links in new windows
    4. Different options for post order and sorting
    5. Hide current post in list
    6. Show only sticky posts
    7. Hide sticky posts
    8. Keep sticky posts on top of the list if not hidden
    9. Hide post title
    10. Maximum length of post title
    11. Show post author name
    12. Label for the author names
    13. Show post categories
    14. Show post category names as links to their archives
    15. Label for the categories
    16. Show post date
    17. Show post excerpt
    18. Show number of comments
    19. Excerpt length
    20. Signs after excerpt
    21. Ignore post excerpt field as excerpt source (builds excerpts only from the post content)
    22. Ignore post content as excerpt source (builds excerpts only from the excerpt fields)
    23. Show posts of selected categories (or of all categories)
    24. Show post thumbnail (featured image)
    25. Registered thumbnail dimensions
    26. Thumbnail width in px
    27. Thumbnail height in px
    28. Keep aspect ratio of thumbnails
    29. Try to take the first post image as thumbnail
    30. Only use the first post image as thumbnail
    31. Use default thumbnail if no thumbnail is available
    32. Always use the default thumbnail
    33. Default thumbnail URL
    34. Alternative text of the default thumbnail
    35. Omit all alternative texts of the thumbnails for a better accessibility
    36. Print slugs of post categories in class attribute of LI elements
    37. Print inline CSS instead of creating a CSS file
    38. No CSS generation at all

    Useful hints for developers: Supported Hooks

    The plugin considers the output of actions hooked on:

    1. rpwwt_widget_posts_args
      • passed argument: the query arguments as an array
      • expected return value: an array of query arguments
    2. widget_title
      • passed arguments:
        1. the widget title as a string
        2. the widget settings as an array
        3. the widget base ID as a string
      • expected return value: a string
    3. rpwwt_excerpt_length
      • passed argument: the maximum number of characters of the post excerpt as an integer
      • expected return value: an integer
    4. rpwwt_excerpt_more
      • passed argument: the string to append after the post excerpt
      • expected return value: a string
    5. rpwwt_the_excerpt
      • passed arguments:
        1. the content of the post excerpt field as a string
        2. the post object
      • expected return value: a string
    6. the_excerpt
      • passed argument: the post escerpt as a string
      • expected return value: a string
    7. rpwwt_categories
      • passed argument: the category list of each post as a string
      • expected return value: a string
    8. rpwwt_list_cats
      • passed arguments:
        1. the category name as a string
        2. the category as an array
      • expected return value: a string

    Useful hints for developers: Available CSS Selectors

    To design the list and its items you can use these CSS selectors:

    .rpwwt-widget: the element which contains the post list
    .rpwwt-widget ul: the list which contains the list items
    .rpwwt-widget ul li: the list item in the list
    .rpwwt-widget ul li.rpwwt-sticky: the list item of a sticky post
    .rpwwt-widget ul li a: link in the list
    .rpwwt-widget ul li a img: linked image
    .rpwwt-widget ul li a span.rpwwt-post-title: the post title
    .rpwwt-widget ul li div.rpwwt-post-author: the post author
    .rpwwt-widget ul li div.rpwwt-post-categories: the post category list
    .rpwwt-widget ul li div.rpwwt-post-date: the post date
    .rpwwt-widget ul li div.rpwwt-post-excerpt: the post excerpt
    .rpwwt-widget ul li div.rpwwt-post-excerpt .rpwwt-post-excerpt-more: the "more" text following the excerpt.
    .rpwwt-widget ul li div.rpwwt-post-comments-number: the number of comments


    The user interface is available in several languages.

    Starting from version 7.1.0 the handling for translations are moved to
    Please help to translate into more languages or you can re-work on the current translations, if you think it’s needed.
    If you have done your translation please leave a comment in the plugin’s support forum. I’ll take care of the review and approval.

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    WPD is the unofficial online plugin directory of WordPress.

    An attempt has been made to list Only functional, active,efficient and up-to-date plugins.

    Categorized : Plugin are listed by category and subcategory based on functionality and uses. Here you can browse wordpress plugin from our neatly categorized plugin directory and sort the plugins by rating, votes, last updated and published and search plugins using tags.

    Search : Plugins can be searched by their functionality using multi-tag search and you can search plugins using their exact name although we are not ensuring Google like search accuracy.

    Create Plugin Lists : You will be able to create list of plugins and share them with Wordpress Community or you can keep them private and use them as a bookmarks.
    e.g. Plugins That I’ve Used on My Site, Best Event Management Plugins, Christmas Plugins etc.

    If you think certain awesome plugin is not in the directory then notify us through our Submit a Plugin page.

    Browsing the Plugin Directory

    Browse by Category

    In WPD, Plugins are categorized carefully. You can browse all the categories from the homepage or you can access the category lists from any page by clicking the button from the left of the website.

    Browse by Tags

    Each plugin listed in WPD is marked with useful tags. You can browse plugins by Tags from the All Tags page

    Searching in WPD

    Multi Tag Search

    You can search plugins using multiple tags. To perform a multi-tag search. Go to Homepage and then in the search field type any keywords or tags(comma separated) and then click on the search button. To search plugins from a selected category just select the category from the dropdown and type your tags.

    Searching a specific Plugin in WPD

    If you want to find a specific plugin in our directory, Go to Homepage and then select the "Search in Title" option. Then write the name of the plugin and click the search button to find the Plugin.

    Plugin Lists

    Whats a Plugin List

    Plugin Lists are user created lists of plugins. Any registered users can create Plugin Lists and share it with anyone or make it private.

    Why Create a plugin List?
    • Easy to keep track of your favourite and useful plugin.

    • Share list of plugins on blogs, social media or to a client.

    • Keep a track of what plugins you installed in which of your blogs by creating a list for each blog

    Creating a Plugin List

    To create a Plugin List, click the button from the left of the page; a popup box will appear. In the "List Name" field, put the name of the List. eg: Best Seo plugins for your site.
    In the Description field, put a few words describing the List.
    By default, lists are automatically published as public, which is visible to everyone. If you do not want others to see the List, select "Private" from the dropdown list. Then click the "Create List" button to create the list.

    Adding Plugins to your List

    To add a plugin to your List, go to a plugin page and click the "Add to List" button. A popup box will appear where you can select in which of your list you want to add this plugin. You can add a note if you want, this note will appear below the plugin in your list.
    P.S: You can only add plugins that are in our directory.

    Your Lists will appear in our "Plugin Lists" page when you set the list as "Public" and your list contains atleast 2 plugins.

    Editing your Lists

    When you are on your list page, notice there is a button on the top right corner of the page. Click it to edit the List Name and the List Description.

    Accessing All your Lists

    You can access all your Plugin lists by going to your profile and clicking the "Lists" tab.

    Removing your Lists

    You can remove your Plugin lists by going to your profile and clicking the "Lists" tab. on top right of each list click the button to remove the list completely.

    While tremendous effort has been put to keep this directory precise and complete, still errors and omissions are unavoidable and possible. We welcome any suggestions for corrections, deletions, and idea that might improve the overall experience.

    To submit a Feedback click the from the bottom right corner of the site.

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