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    Psychological tests & quizzes

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    Create typical or advanced psychological tests (quizzes, assessments) with questions and answers. A respondent answers and receives results.

    What’s inside? Scales associated with the particular answer by scores. Simple formulas like extraversion > 50% upon calculation give you results.

    Respondent can

    • View published test at homepage or at its own URL
    • Pass the test by answering all questions’ answers
    • Run the test in single page or by one question per step
    • See the passing progress in browser’s title
    • Get own individual results after running the test on standalone page, share them

    Logged-in respondent can

    • View passing history in personal area

    Test author can

    • Create and edit test in test editor like post editor
    • Manage related and needed for test scales/results/global answers
    • Edit results/scales descriptions (visual mode possible with the help of visual-term-description-editor plugin)
    • View and filter tests passings
    • Reorder scales/results/global answers
    • Edit formulas with formulas editor
    • Use total scores by scale as formula variable: extraversion > 50%
    • Use concrete question’s answer as formula variable: question_5_1 OR question_9_7.
    • Quick fill questions from text and scores from combination of scales/answers
    • Customize test page options

    Long story

    Edit scales, results and categories through wordpress standard editors, like categories editor. Associate them in sidebar. Change test questions, answers and formulas in standard wordpress metaboxes, below content. Reorder them if you like drag-n-drop.

    At the top of content editor there are buttons for quick access to those metaboxes: Add New Questions, Edit Questions and Scores, Edit Formulas. If you want more control, you may add to them HTML tags like: headers, lists, images, hr and “read more” tag taken from post editor.

    Answers can be global to test — when all questions have the same answers. For example: “Yes”, “No”, “I’m not sure”. Or you can use individual answers to add individual answer to each question. And the third way is to use global answers, but individualize their titles: not just “Yes”, but “Yes, I do so and so”, when you use it for the particular question. Some tests have this pattern.

    Simple formulas editor has buttons for each scale (with sum of it’s scores), question/answer button and allowed comparisions/operators: <, >, <=, =>, <>, AND, OR, ( .. ), NOT ( .. ), +, -, *, /.

    Tests are like posts — they appear on home page and inside their categories pages if selected. But if you don’t want your test to appear on home page, you can uncheck “Publish on the home page” in “Publish” metabox and this test will not appear on homepage.

    Quick fill for questions and scores minimizes author’s time. You can quick fill questions from text and they will fill appropriate fields. Same way you can Quick fill scores in many questions some answer+scale combination.

    Respondent will get results on it’s own individual passing page, which will allow share it. Logged-in respondent can see own results in admin area above the “Profile” page. There will be table with columns like: passing number, link, test, scales, results and date. It’s possible to search/sort by test and date columns.

    Passings are saved in DB with respondent’s ip and device unique identifier. They are shown at “Respondents’ results” table under “Tests” menu. It allow to see if someone will have many passings from same computer/smartphone/another device, which scales/results respondent have for concrete passing and ability to open it from there. If respondent was a logged in user — then you will see it in “Username” column with a link to profile. “Respondents’ results” can be searched/sorted by most of it’s columns. You can setup which columns you want to see there and how many passings per page you want to see.

    Test page can be customized: reset answers on “Back” button, use your own caption for “Get Test Result” button, allow multiple answers per question, show percentage of answered questions and show one question per page.
    Results page also can be customized: when you need to show/hide scales or test description on it; when you want to show scales chart or sort scales by scores sum.

    Plugin localized into many languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Swedish, Bulgarian, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, Brazilian, Spanish, Persian, Czech, Slovak, Thai, Arabic, Romanian, Greek, Icelandic, Hebrew and Russian. English, French, Dutch, Bulgarian, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, Brazilian, Spanish, Persian, Czech, Slovak, Thai, Arabic, Romanian, Greek, Polish, Icelandic, Hebrew and Russian have good quality (native speakers) — others need review. You can easily add your language through excellent Transifiex service. Translators and reviewers are kindly welcome! See for instructions.

    Quality and compatibility are taken really seriously. Plugin tested on more than 30 combinations of WordPress (from 3.2 to latest) and PHP (from 5.2 to 7.3) plus three custom combinations: for old MySQL storage engine (MyISAM), with few popular plugins and in multisite mode. So you can be sure, that it will just work, even if you don’t have the latest WordPress or your hosting doesn’t have the latest versions of PHP/MySQL. Build status image is available.

    PS: If something broken or doesn’t work, pls create new topic in “Support” tab! Good support topic describes problem and have WP version and other plugins that you have in it.

    Thank you board

    Paid add-ons & support

    There is no single “Pro”/”Premium” version with features, but each paid add-on has it’s own feature.

    Implemented and ready to run:

    • Custom Fields. Add custom form fields like name, email, sex and etc. Use their values in formulas and see in respondents’ results. Denote required/optional fields, place fields before or after questions.
    • Questions Sections. Group questions into sections and display each section on a different pages.
    • Styling. Apply your style to questions, answers, scales and results. Choose your color/font/alignment and placement.
    • Export Results. Export respondent’s results into CSV tables. Choose which test, dates and columns do you want. Export just results or all data, including concrete answer on concrete question in concrete result.
    • Save Results in PDF. Respondent will be able to get results in PDF form.
    • Redirect to Custom Results Page. Respondent will be redirected to custom built URL(s) where you can pass as params scales, results and result key. URL could be single for whole test or individual for each result.
    • Computed Variables. Create computed variables from existing variables and shortcode any variable at results page.
    • Email results to Author and Respondent. Auto-notify author by email about respondent’s result and also send it to respondent’s email.

    For complex test logic or plugin environment specific issues paid support is available.


    • WordPress version 3.2 or higher.
    • PHP version 5.2.4 or higher (including 7.3 !).
    • MySQL version 5.0 or higher.
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