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    Preserve Code Formatting

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    This plugin preserves formatting of code for display by preventing its modification by WordPress and other plugins while also retaining whitespace.

    NOTE: Use of the visual text editor will pose problems as it can mangle your intent in terms of code tags. I strongly suggest you not use the visual editor in conjunction with this plugin as I have taken no effort to make the two compatible.


    Basically, you can just paste code into code, pre, and/or other tags you additionally specify and this plugin will:

    • Prevent WordPress from HTML-encoding text (i.e. single- and double-quotes will not become curly; “–” and “—” will not become en dash and em dash, respectively; “…” will not become a horizontal ellipsis, etc)
    • Prevent most other plugins from modifying preserved code
    • Prevent shortcodes from being processed
    • Optionally preserve whitespace (in a variety of methods)
    • Optionally preserve code added in comments

    Keep these things in mind:

    • ALL embedded HTML tags and HTML entities will be rendered as text to browsers, appearing exactly as you wrote them (including any br tags).
    • By default this plugin filters ‘the_content’ (post content), ‘the_excerpt’ (post excerpt), and ‘get_comment_text (comment content)’.


    A post containing this within code tags:

            INSERT INTO $tablepostmeta
            VALUES ('$post_id','link','$extended')

    Would, with this plugin enabled, look in a browser pretty much how it does above, instead of like:

    INSERT INTO $tablepostmeta
    VALUES ('$post_id','link','$extended')

    Links: Plugin Homepage | Plugin Directory Page | Author Homepage

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