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    Post List Featured Image

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    Finally a simple plugin that adds the “Featured Image” column in admin posts and pages list. It lets the wordpress site owners see which posts or pages have a featured image set.

    Choose between three thumbnail sizes.
    Sort the Post List by Featured Image
    Filter the Post List by Has/Does Not Have Featured Image

    Of course, this is mainly intended for use on the Post List page, since most themes require a featured image be set for the excerpt thumbnail image. It doesn’t seem like much, and the plugin is truly non-invasive to the rest for the WP install. But the value that this simple tool can have on the overall organization for Admins and Developers of WordPress websites is priceless.

    By enhancing the plugin with the Pro Addon, you can easily change, add, or remove images with the Quick Edit feature, directly from your Posts List Page, which now includes standard Post Editor Media Library selection. Pro also now supports Custom Post Type lists.

    Instructions and Usage

    • Thumbnail Size

    Choose between 50px, 100px and 150px

    • Sorting by Featured Image

    On the Post/Page list pages of the Admin area, click on the Featured Image column heading to sort by Featured Image ID.

    • Filtering by Featured Image

    On the Post/Page list pages of the Admin area, Choose to Filter the posts by “Show All Posts with Featured Image” or “Show All Posts without Featured Image”

    This is especially helpful for assigning new featured image to posts that do not have them. Or this helps with large sites, with many posts, and editing the post featured images for those posts using the “Quick Edit” feature, available with the Pro Addon

    Please remember, if you do not see the Featured Image column in your Post/Page Lists to click on “Screen Options” in the upper right corner, and tick the box for Featured Image.

    Pro Features

    • Set featured images in QUICK EDIT mode
    • Custom post type support
    • NEW Auto set the first image of a post as featured image in QUICK EDIT mode
    • NEW Auto set the first image of a post as featured image by post type
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